Akki roti

I have now come to normal routine after a busy week followed by a busy weekend. First the Varalakshmi vratham , then avani avittam (sacred thread) . I made a typical south indian food for the avani avittam with sambar , rasam, kootu, curry, vadai, payasam. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take the photo as I was really tired with the preparations and I was in no mood to do it. However, we dressed up my son in a panchakatcham (dhoti ) and here’s the snap!!!

Todays post is akki roti. This is a famous karnataka cuisine, which I learned from my cousin who stays in Mysore. I have been wanting to try it since a long time, and finally managed to make it last week. I will be sending this to Anisheetu who is hosting SWC karnataka this month.

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Akki roti Yum

  1. Mix all the ingredients together and make a firm dough. Make balls of the dough. Flatten the ball to a thin circle (using your fingers) in a kadai as shown in the picture above. Cover with a lid and allo wo cook for sometime. You can easily remove the roti from the kadai. No need to cook on the other side.
  2. Serve hot with chutney.
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Karuna of foodie by nature has passed me three awards-Beautiful site (nice pictures) award,Best blog darts thinker and brilliante weblog awards. Thanks a lot karuna.

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  1. Taste of Mysore

    Laksh looks soo good in that dhoti yaar! Akki rotti yumm yummm! I am a big fan of that, had it for today’s lunch..

  2. Your son looks so adorable.. Yummy akki roti

  3. Laksh looks so adorable in the panchagajam….The Akki roti looks yum too

  4. Your son looks so cute…..

  5. Divya Kudua

    Yummy akki roti Sowmya..and your son’s looking so cute!!!

  6. Sowmya ur son i svery cute and liked his outfit. Akki rotti looks nice

  7. Laksh looks very very very cute in dhoti…

    Yummy Akki roti…..

  8. nice click of ur son,..can imagine how busy u mus be even i was busy,,,but enjoyed,..nd akki roti looks nice,..good one for the event,..

  9. hey Sowmya, ur baby is sooooooo sweet, cutie pie :). and ur akki roti looks soo good. me too thinking to make this from a long time. will make now :).

  10. Someone looking so cute in dhoti :)..akki roti looking yum too..

  11. Pearlsofeast

    Your son looks so adorable in that dhoti and the Roti sounds great Soumya.

  12. Love that picture of your son.. he looks so cute and happy 🙂

    Akki rotis look great – this is on my must-try list for so long…

  13. your soon lokks sooo cute … N i love akki rotti too .. being from karnataka we try different versions of akki rotti .. try it with methi leaves it will taste awesome .. we make it with onions mixed with grated carrots & capsicum ..

  14. Your son looks soooooo cute. And tha akki roti veryy yummy.

  15. aww..your son is adorable!! The akki roti looks great..i’ve never made it before..but am now tempted to try it.

  16. very cute recipe and very very cute son….he looks like kuuti krishna….very cute dear….loved the recipe too…new to me…

  17. Ur son is so adorable 🙂 love akki roti

  18. Suma Rajesh

    ur son looks adorable …akkiroti inviting and tempting..

  19. what a delicious akki roti! Your little prince is so cute.

  20. Hey Sowmya, your son looks absolutely adorable in the panchagajam….the akki roti looks delicious I have been wanting to try this so many of my friends mention this dish…..:)

  21. Aha ur son looks like small pandit in that.. very cute..


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