Angry bird cupcakes – Simple cup cake decoration

When I made these chocolate cupcakes and was browsing for simple cupcakes decoration ideas along with my kid, his eyes fell on the angrybird cupcakes at Nithya’s blog and he being a huge fan of angry bird wanted me to make it for him.

As I hardly decorate my cakes, I really dont keep enough stuff for frosting. But this one was quite easy, as I had mini oreos and a few M&M’s at hand. I whipped up a simple pink buttercream frosting quickly with the available rose colour .

The kid was amazed to see them and really enjoyed them and then demanded to make some clouds and pigs and position them in a proper way etc etc. But I really did not have time for all those activities and told him that we will plan and do it next time leaving him a tad unsatisfied.So thats it!!

One last look at the cupcakes!!

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9 thoughts on “Angry bird cupcakes – Simple cup cake decoration”

  1. Akash is also fond of angry birds. Priyanka also made Angry bird cakes for her son’s birthday. Creative mothers :)That cupcake looks good. Laksh must have jumped with happiness.

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