Apple crisp -easy fruit dessert recipes

This one is in my drafts for a couple of months now. I remember making this dessert a day before we left for our India trip last year. I had a huge stock of apples in my pantry which had to be finished the same day and now that was practically impossible. So I thought of baking a cake or something similar so that I could even carry some for my relatives out there in India. Finally I made this apple crisp.I dont remember carrying a parcel of this to India anyway!!But it tasted quite nice and I want to try making this again maybe with strawberries and have it in leisure.( I made this one in such a hurry that we could not really sit, relax and enjoy the dessert.)

I browsed the net for the recipe and found a similar recipe in most of the sites. A few of them used eggs. But I wanted to make it eggless . I have taken the recipe from here and modified it slightly.

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Apple crisp -easy fruit dessert recipes Yum

  1. Peel and chop the apple into pieces. Add the lemon juice and mix well. Arrange this pieces on a baking dish. Sprinkle some brown sugar on the top. Now combine the flour,oats and granulated sugar. Add the butter and mix well till its crumbly. Now spread this mixture on the top of the pieces. Sprinkle the cinnamon sugar powder on the top.
  2. Bake this at 180c for 35 minutes.
  3. Preferably serve it warm with vanilla icecream.
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  1. Preeti Kashyap

    lovely recipe! cant wait to make it!

  2. Divya Vikram

    Apple crisp is one of the delicious things to eat for dessert!

  3. I ensure I make this when there are apples around.

  4. Looks yummyyyyy and delicious….

  5. Taste of Mysore

    looks crisp and yumm

  6. Priya Suresh

    Apple crisp looks incredible…such a delicious dessert..

  7. Looks too good dear!

  8. Just the thought of eating this warm with ice cream , makes me drool drool drool.

  9. Lubna Karim

    Wow…that’s an interesting recipe…

  10. A very interesting recipe. It sure looks crunchy filled with goodness of the apple.Chitchat

  11. looks delicious,..

  12. Pari Vasisht

    Surely want to try this dear. Looks so crunchy. i have bookmarked, thanx for sharing.

  13. Priya Narasimhan

    second photo looks very tempting…nice one.

  14. yummyyyy and crisp:) lovely recipe:)

  15. Sowmya, I am drooling. I have tasted apple crumble by my Chinese neighbour who takes pains to make it eggless. Now I have a recipe that i can try.

  16. Looks simple and tasty. This is one recipe I have not tried as yet… need to try this out soon.

  17. Divya Kudua

    Looks sinful..been on my to-do list for long!!!

  18. Lovely. I love the tangy sweet apple and crisp top. Good one.

  19. This has been in my to-do list for such a long time. sounds delish.

  20. A 2 Z Vegetarian Cuisine

    Looks too delicious, it is one of my favorite dessert.

  21. Looks delicious and what perfect timing, I have a lot of apples at home and was wondering what I could make with it 🙂

  22. Another delicious way to eat apples!

  23. Home Cooked Oriya Food

    yummy one… I love it…

  24. Balakrishna Saraswathy

    Very yummy and mouth-watering:)

  25. Good fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you on your information.

  26. that’s a nice and easy recipe, never tried apple crisp before..looks yummy


    Crisp looks so yum,yum,makes me hungry now!

  28. Wow……. that’s an yummy recipe, looks delicious.

  29. Yummy apple crisp, looks lovely!

  30. Thanks for this lovely and new type of dish. Looks delicious and mouth watering.

  31. Mowie @ Mowielicious

    That looks yum, must give it a try. First time on your blog and I see some great recipes to try!

  32. Love this one… absolutely fav. sometime I make only for myself as rest of the family members eat aspoon or two….

  33. Looks delicious.. I love it with icecream.

  34. Lovely idea of using abundant fruits.Apple crisps are one my favorite desserts 😀

  35. My Little Space

    Such addictive recipe! I love apple fillings’ desserts! And this looks wonderful.

  36. Sharmilee! :)

    Looks yum!

  37. yum yum and so simple


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