Arisi upma kozhakattai/savoury rice dumplings

       This has always been a favourite at my place when we were kids,however I had never tried making them. Thanks to the event and my choice of rice, I decided to blog this yummy recipe. I called back home for the recipe and couldn’t believe that the preparation was so easy. We all enjoyed it for dinner yesterday. An ideal item when you have guests too.

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Arisi upma kozhakattai/savoury rice dumplings Yum
Course breakfast

south indian
Course breakfast
Cuisine south indian
  1. With the help of mixer, break the rice to a consistency of coarse rava/sooji (grainy form-jada rava). Grind the coconut, green chillies and curry leaves.
  2. Heat oil in huge pan. Add the mustard seeds. When it crackles, add the coconut mixture and salt and saute for a minute. Now add the water and allow it to boil. When it boils, add the broken rice.Combine well. Keep it covered with a lid and cook for around 15 minutes.Cook and stir till it turns into a thick mass. Allow it to cool. Then using your palms, make oval shaped kozhakattais with the cooked rice.
  3. Place them on greased idli moulds and steam them in a cooker(minus the weight if you are using pressure cooker.)Steam for around 10 minutes.(They appear a little glossy or have a typical shine after they are steamed)
Recipe Notes

Serve them warm with tomato kothsu or morkozhumbu. I served with some hot and spicy coconut chutney.

Notes- You can use idli rava directly instead of the regular raw rice as stated in this recipe.

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  1. Hey When I read the ingredient list, I thought, oh oh , raw rice? I thought I should post a comment asking you of any substitutes..and what do I see in the last line?? Idli Rava for a substitute…mind reading??;)Shall Surely try this out!

  2. Santosh Bangar

    very healthy and tasty upma

  3. Shama Nagarajan

    nice one dear..we love having this

  4. Sounds interesting… for me…

  5. Filling and delicious.

  6. Gayathri's Cook Spot

    looks so yumm..

  7. Picture looks great…I loved it when I made it last time..thanks for reminding..

  8. BangaloreBaker

    We make it with arisi upma and avarekalu in it and then make this in Karnataka. Looks nice.

  9. Nice clicks. We too make it 🙂

  10. Priya Suresh

    Love this kozhukattais with spicy chutney,looks yummy..

  11. Looks so gud and yum …and nice clicks…I shall try it

  12. nice clicks and a healthy recipe

  13. They look so cute and delcious.

  14. I love this too.Never made it at home though.Bookmarked.Lovely clicks…

  15. This is similar to what we call undrallu, but we don’t use coconut mixture. Yours looks delicious.

  16. This is something of a comfort food for me….something I fall back on whenever I fall short of ideas for dinner.

  17. I love arisi upma and my mom makes it really well. I love the crust on the bottom the best. We usually finish it off in theupma stage so it hardly transforms to kozhukattai :)Very tempting…

  18. this surely goes into a good and easy snack…looks very good!Smitha

  19. rekhas kitchen

    Nice and treditional recipe Sowmya looks great.

  20. Simply amazing.. Happy Valentine’s day!

  21. This sounds a bit like the khichi we make.

  22. Taste of Mysore

    slurrrp…it looks super yumm. I love billekadubu (as we call) with onion chutney.

  23. I love with coconut chutney, looks good!


    Its been ages since I had these,coz I have never tried it,should try out soon! Looks very tempting!

  25. lovely recipe.simple and tasty

  26. Interesting recipe and not very time consuming either. Bookmarked the recipe.

  27. Priya Yallapantula

    wow, it sure is lovely and delicious looking.

  28. this looks so delicious,feel like picking one


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