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Banana cream cheese bread

This particular bread happened when I had the abundance of all the required ingredients. I had seen this recipe recently and I love it as it was a bit unusual than rest of the banana breads we usually bake. I had bought some cream cheese couple of months ago and I had to use them.

raw banana recipes

Banana stem stir fry – side dish for chapatis

My sister had once suggested to try a stir fry with it using onions and all. So when I got the stem last month, I decided to make it this way. It was spicy and delicious and it really tasted great with phulkas. We all enjoyed it and am sure I will making this again and again.


Double chocolate banana cake recipe – easy baking recipes

Now this has become quite a long break and I really do not want to rant on how life has become busy again when the school reopened a couple of days ago.That is because I am not complaining at all. I have been so busy and I am actually enjoying it. I have been cooking something nice and different apart from the daily food especially during the weekends. I even posted the pictures on instagram. I cooked a small and simple feast for my hubbys birthday too. I am cooking something special for my kiddo when he has staybacks in…


Chocolate banana oatmeal cookies recipe – easy healthy baking recipes

This is one of the most wonderful thing I have had in ages.They were really awesome. Morever they are low fat too. All ingredients used are quite healthy like the whole wheat flour ,oats, banana etc. Its better to use over ripe bananas for more sweetness. Lots of chocolate in the form of cocoa powder and semi sweet chocolate chips is used. You can refer options in the notes to make it eggless too. I have used raw organic sugar instead of brown sugar. They look so delectable too, isn’t it? That is the reason I was tempted to make…


Eggless Banana muffins with streusal topping – easy Baking recipes

Baking and blogging is therapeutic for me. But this is something I am doing very rarely or not as regularly as I would have liked it to be. I have a lot of baking recipes in my mind and I have also shopped for some baking products. I have a number of recipes bookmarked. I hope to do them one by one very soon. Anyway there are other things going on and I have been really busy with them. Though blogging is taking a backseat , I have been utilising my time in some other positive ways. This was one…


1 minute Banana nutella mug cake – Healthy microwave baking recipes

I had been craving for chocolate for the last few days, especially for the chocolatey taste of nutella.And there were a few over ripe bananas too!!!The nutella and the banana combo always works out just fine, be it milkshakesor icecreams. And as my readers already know, my thing has just to be healthy and a low calorie one too. So I didi not want to add any extra sweetener as the banana and nutella already provided the necessary sweetness. But I did add some semi sweet dark chocolate chips on the top. As they melted in the microwave, it was…


Sweet ragi appam recipe – Ragi paniyaram – Prasadam for Ganesh chathurthi

“A very happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all the readers of Creative Saga. ” I was thinking of posting this one atleast a few days before the Ganesh Chaturthi , but other priorities kept me away from blogging. But anyway with so many festivals approaching, you can try this one sometime.I actually made them during Janmashtami. Alternatively, you can also make them for your breakfast or your evening time snack. Its quite healthy and so you can make them once in a while for your kids too as they are really delicious!! I have used just some sprouted ragi flour without…