oats cookies

Oats chocochips cookies

I enjoy using healthy ingredients in my baking. Here in this recipe , I have used oats and whole wheat flour. It hardly takes any time to put the ingredients together and the whole thing takes less than 30 minutes. Its so easy to make. The taste was awesome too. Kids really enjoyed them.

millet cookies

Millet cookies/millet nankhatai

The flour is not at all coarse and is quite smooth and powdery which I thought will be quite ideal in baking. I have tried brownies with them. It tasted good but I still need to adjust the ingredients to make them blogworthy. But the cookies which I made similar to our Indian nankhatai turned out very good.

cream cheese cookies

Cream cheese cookies

The recipe was just decided on an impulse. I had some cream cheese nearing expiry date. I had made this delicious banana bread with the cream cheese. So I thought of using the rest in the cookies. I never imagined it to be so good.


Peanut butter cookies recipes – Eggless baking

My son loves the peanut butter thick toast at the toast box. Thats why I bought a bottle of peanut butter to make it for him at home.But that never happened. The bottle sadly sat in my pantry waiting to be used. finally , I managed to bake them few weeks ago. They were really good. Proof is – my son loved them. If my son eats anything, that means its really wonderful. They were kind of soft and crunchy. As I used the chunky peanut butter, we loved the bits of peanuts in it. Store in a air tight…


Banana oats cookies- No flour recipe

Nowadays , I really dont mind the bananas getting ripe or no one eating them. Infact I wait for them to ripen so that they could always be used in my bakes. Last week ,we avoided eating bananas because of the rains and the cold weather and as a result, I had so many ripe bananas. I made whatever I could with them and not a single went into the bin. I will be posting more of banana recipes in my next posts. This cookies are quite healthy as each ingredient added to it is healthy and I have not…


Eggless chocolate cookies and some appreciations!!!

Now, I am quite comfortable baking cookies, although , initially I had some problems and the cookies did not turn good. I realised my mistakes and now after correcting them the cookies do turn out almost close to perfect. I learn something new each time I bake them and the cookies are getting even better. So, I try to keep the snack containers full with such healthy cookies. For this one,I took some tips from Sailu’s christmas cookies.


Ragi oats cookie- healthy one..

I really enjoy baking.Spending time on baking and looking for new recipes gives me so much satisfaction. Though I am not able to devote so much time nowadays for this, the reason being my toddler who doesn’t like me sitting before the computer or in the kitchen. And I too want to spend lot of time with him. But I squeeze in some time for blogging and baking once in while. I made this cookies last week. My son loves biscuits and cakes. So I thought of this healthy option using ragi flour and oats. They tasted great and was…


Ragi biscuits

I saw this recipe in aayis recipes and loved the idea of baking biscuits with ragi. It is quite healthy too. I had a packet of ragi and really did not know what to do with it though I had come across a few recipes. Making biscuits sounded good to me, but somehow I never managed to make nice cookies. They always became flat after ten minutes of baking. I never came to know the reason behind the failure. But this time,it really came out good. I followed the exact recipe, just sprinkled a few drops of milk as it…