banana bread recipes

Banana cream cheese bread

This particular bread happened when I had the abundance of all the required ingredients. I had seen this recipe recently and I love it as it was a bit unusual than rest of the banana breads we usually bake. I had bought some cream cheese couple of months ago and I had to use them.

basil pesto vegetable sandwich

Vegetable and pesto sandwich

As I already mentioned before , breakfast is definitely an important meal at our place. I try to make our breakfast quite filling, healthy and tasty especially for the kids so that they have it quickly and go to their schools without making much of a fuss. I make sandwiches atleast twice a week and you can also find yummy and interesting sandwich recipes here.


Whole wheat spicy foccacia recipe – easy bread baking recipes

Baking has not really been happening at my place lately. I had made this foccacia bread a couple of month ago with some soup. It was delicious. I have posted another recipe for foccacia sometime back. I had used all purpose flour. I had baked foccacia for the first time and it turned out really good. So the next time, I wanted to try it with whole wheat flour/atta. Foccacia is a very forgiving recipe and even beginners can try this bread recipe as it is not easy to go wrong with this one. After this attempt, I even tried…


Sundried tomato and onion foccacia – easy baking recipes for beginners

I had thought I would get more time during the kids holidays. Rather I have been busier than the usual days. The kiddo had a small mishap hurting himself. So I have been running around with him. All the yummy goodies I was planning to bake had to take a backseat, obviously the blog too. Its still not over and its just a few days left for the school to reopen. I am really tensed and just hope everything comes back to normal soon. Okay, coming to the recipe now, baking a foccacia has been in my list for a…


Whole wheat bread recipe – easy bread baking recipes

I really love baking bread and buns at home. Home made breads are always interesting to make and eat. Its healthier and creates opportunity for a wide number of options too. Saying all this, I make bread very rarely though I want to do atleast once a week. Its the time constraints and partly my laziness too. But when I saw this recipe , I wanted to try it totally as the recipe used whole wheat flour and the ghee and yogurt in it gave an Indian touch and flavour to the bread. I had the maximum portion of the…


Potato bread ball/rolls recipe -easy low fat snack recipes

How I wish I could post everyday or atleast in every 2- 3 days.It really gives me lot of joy right from cooking to taking photos , editing them and doing a post. But of course other things takes the priorites pushing blogging at the end. It was super long weekened last week and I did cook some yummy stuff. There are a list of posts to be done , but that will be done gradually in the following days. I saw this recipe here and I immediately wanted to make them. It sounded too good and was sure the…


Avacado salad and moong bean patty sandwich – bread recipes

I usually try to make make our dinner light and balanced. We usually don’t opt for rice in the night as its too tempting especially if there is delicious side dish along with it and then we end up eating more. So its usually a millet variety with a side dish or some kind of upma with either semolina or cracked wheat. Sometimes, I make a sandwich with different ingredients and my kids love this kind of food for dinner. So when I made it last time, I decided to use lentils as well as vegetables to make it wholesome….


Soya chunks Manchurian sandwich – Kids healthy food recipes

Blogging is a great stressbuster for me.Though I am posting almost every alternate days now, today I just decided to do a post to ward off a possible upcoming depression. Each time I make a post, I feel the same kind of happiness and excitement as I felt for my first post. And I am already feeling better after doing this post. Capturing and editing the pictures and writing the recipe carefully keeps me occupied. I may not be a great cook or a great writer or a recipe developer.Though I would love to be in near future. But of…


Corn Mayonnaise grilled sandwich – easy bread recipes

Making food for kids is the most difficult thing.Especially if your kids is choosy like my son, then cooking is definitely a challenge. That is why if my son appreciates something I cook, then I can guarantee that the recipe is keeper. I have won!! He is more fond of restaurant styled food, pizzas, pastas and burgers. When I try to recreate at home with healthy ingredients as I always do, it seldom wins some appreciation by him. But anyway, I keep trying and try to avoid too much of outside food. I do have to force him sometimes though….


Spinach corn cheese sandwich recipe – Easy sandwich recipes

We often have bread sandwiches for breakfasts, especially my son loves them. He likes to take sandwiches in his snackbox to school. Mostly it will be cheese with some tomatoes slices or among the number of sandwich recipes which are already posted in this blog. But once in while, I try to make some different kind of filling for our sandwiches especially when I have the time. I once had a spinach corn with plenty of green chillies on some bread (something like bruschetta) somewhere in India. I think it was in coffee cafe day, but an not too sure….