mango smoothie breakfast bowl

Mango breakfast smoothie bowl recipe

It feels so good to blog after a small silence. Last week had been busy and the couple of hours per week,I usually keep aside for my blogging work was utilized to create a new look for my blog. Yes, after reverting to a new hosting early this year, I […]

basil pesto vegetable sandwich

Vegetable and pesto sandwich

As I already mentioned before , breakfast is definitely an important meal at our place. I try to make our breakfast quite filling, healthy and tasty especially for the kids so that they have it quickly and go to their schools without making much of a fuss. I make sandwiches atleast twice a week and you can also find yummy and interesting sandwich recipes here.


Whole wheat spicy foccacia recipe – easy bread baking recipes

Baking has not really been happening at my place lately. I had made this foccacia bread a couple of month ago with some soup. It was delicious. I have posted another recipe for foccacia sometime back. I had used all purpose flour. I had baked foccacia for the first time and it turned out really good. So the next time, I wanted to try it with whole wheat flour/atta. Foccacia is a very forgiving recipe and even beginners can try this bread recipe as it is not easy to go wrong with this one. After this attempt, I even tried…


Eggless Banana muffins with streusal topping – easy Baking recipes

Baking and blogging is therapeutic for me. But this is something I am doing very rarely or not as regularly as I would have liked it to be. I have a lot of baking recipes in my mind and I have also shopped for some baking products. I have a number of recipes bookmarked. I hope to do them one by one very soon. Anyway there are other things going on and I have been really busy with them. Though blogging is taking a backseat , I have been utilising my time in some other positive ways. This was one…


Pasta pizza bake – easy kids snack recipes

I started doing this posts two days back and still doing it till now. Things are keeping me really busy. But as it was a public holiday yesterday , we went to a 3D art musuem and had a different and fun day . It was after a long time we went out and enjoyed ourselves. We do need this kind of breaks in between so that we get diverted from the usual routine. I do wish we had long weekends very now and then!!!! I usually make this kind of breakfasts or snacks during the school holidays. I also…