orange marmalade brownies

Orange marmalade brownies

I have used some jowar/sorghum flour of which I had some in the freezer. I wanted to use something healthy and thinking of whole wheat flour or oats, I finally decided to make with millet. You can try using any kind of millet flour. I have not tried but am sure it would work as long as there is chocolate in it. You can even use whole wheat flour instead of maida. The texture would be a bit more chewy in that case. And please feel free to use any kind of sugar you have. I have used orange marmalade here . I have always loved the combination of orange and chocolate.


Sweet potato brownies

I had made this brownies a couple of months ago for my kids snacktime. They love anything with chocolate and I promptly sneaked in some sweet potatoes making the brownies healthier. Walnuts give a nice crunch and chocolate just enhance the taste. They had a nice texture and were really delicious. Kids enjoyed and sweet potatoes imparts the necessary sweetness , So I have added very little sugar to it in the end.


Eggless carrot beetroot brownies

I want to spend some time doing healthy cooking and bring up some healthy baking recipes.I really hope to change their diet pattern. So that should also give me opportunity to blog more of this recipes. I have already been doing this and I keep sharing the pictures in my instagram too. So please do keep visiting and continue to encourage me with your comments.

So here comes the brownies recipe with carrots,beetroots and nuts. DO try and you will love it.


M& M Brownies recipe – Easy eggless bakes

This was another thing I made during the kids first term break.M and M candies are my favourite and my kids favourite too though they love anything with chocolate.I always have surplus amounts of this candies at my home anytime and pop a few into my mouth every now and then. A few months back when I made this cookies with M and M , I thought of trying brownies too and finally got to make it. I tried to follow a slightly different recipe so that I wanted a gooey texture filled with moist chocolate almost oozing out. The…


Black chick peas brownies – Eggless healthy baking recipes

If you are following my blog for a couple of months now, you must be knowing how much I love baking and my and my family’s love for cakes and bakes especially chocolate cakes. But when it comes to the amount of fats and sugar , I had almost been avoiding/minimised baking for years now. But lately I have been substituting fats , sugar, carbs with healthy and low fat/low calorie ingredients . So we have been enjoying our favourite desserts. I hope you try this one and let me know how it turns out for you and do look…


Low fat eggless Blueberry squares / Blueberry bites recipes– Easy baking recipes

I have been buying lots of blueberries lately and each time I think of trying something new with it. But we love eating those berries as such especially my daughter. Thinking of the amount of fats and sugar going into the bakes, I have been avoiding baking . But then I landed into several dessert blogs consisting of gorgeous desserts , but were low fat and vegan too. I decided to make my dessert the healthy way and I have whipped up a few low fat desserts by now which I will post soon. Till then , do try this…


Fudgy Avacado brownies- Easy baking recipes

Brownies are always my favourite,infact everyone at home love dense fudgy brownies.Whenever I bake brownies, I always think that I should be baking more of these every now and then using a combination of different ingredients. But somehow I do not find the time and I don’t bake a lot nowadays. I have been eyeing this avacado based cakes and brownies for years.I always wanted to bake using avacados.Avacado has its own natural butter, so you generally don’t need any extra fat for such recipes. I also love using whole wheat flour in brownies. Some readers ask me to post…


Carrot halwa blondie bars recipe

I had got some beautiful red carrots which are quite popular in delhi to make some gajar ka halwa. I was suddenly reminded of this blondies which I had loved at the first sight and had bookmarked it. I got enough time to prepare during the long weekend. They were so good and it had the taste of carrot halwa. My hubby said this was one of the best cakes I have made. I am glad I finally tried this one and am sure to make this again!! Recipe Source (Thank you)- Panfusine & Tasty Treats


Walnut brownies – easy and quick recipe

We had a small get together last week and decided to have a potluck. I was asked to bake a cake. I wanted to make it chocolate as most of the kids are fond of it.I settled down on baking brownies as I had never made them for parties and I had baked chocolate cake many times and I thought this will be different. I am so glad everyone liked it a lot and actually fell short of it and I wished I had baked some more of them. The recipe is quite easy and quick to make too. They…