Easy Eggless banana bread recipe

After the pooja last weekend, I had so many bananas , a few ripened. So I decided to bake a cake with the ripe ones. I used the ingredients available with me. And it came out nice. It really tasted so good that it was over in no time.


Zebra cake recipe

After seeing so many bloggers trying out this cake, I was also tempted to try this. Some called it zebra,others tiger or leopard. But whatever it was called, it definitely looked good and each time I saw it the more I was tempted to try it. Somehow I never found time or did not have one or the other ingredient or thought it was very difficult and did not have the patience and above all I was lazy!!! But when I saw recently in Divya’s blog, I thought of trying soon and managed to do yesterday when I found time…


Wheat cake recipe – totally indian

I am a grass , or am I a cereal or a grainI am everywhere and in almost all the foods you eat.My whole being used in many ways without restrain I offer you something which is so hard to beatI am as old as you can think of me to beThought to be originated from the land of camelsI am breakfast, lunch and dinner for all to seeOr be it desserts from cakes , pies to caramelsI am famous all over the world from east to westAs breads, flatbreads , cookies to muffinsI am v healthy and like a…


Persimmon puree cake recipe

This is the first time I bought persimmons. First I thought they were tomatoes. But what were they doing in the exotic fruits section?I liked its deep orange colour and wanted to taste them. Then I googled to find about this fruit and came to know lot about them. And they could be eaten in raw or cooked form too. They are used in pies ,cakes, puddings etc. So I baked a cake with this fruit. And it tasted so good. Here’s the recipe for it.


Microwave eggless cake recipe

Last tuesday was our wedding anniversary. So I decided to bake a cake. I really don’t get enough time for making cakes often, though I want to(mainly to improve my baking skills:o)),and hence I am in lookout for such occasions. And the microwave cake took just a few minutes. I took the recipe for the cake from here. I just made minor changes Cake really tasted good. It was quite spongy and moist too. Keep checking in between, when the cake is getting microwaved. Overdoing may cause the cake to get hard.


Microwave Carrot apple cake recipe – soft and spongy

I read in the internet (as well as many blogs) that cakes come out very beautiful using a microwave oven. Though it may not turn brown as in the convection oven , yet they are moist and spongy. And as most of the times the cakes are frosted , the browning really doesn’t matter much. So I thought of giving it a try. It did come out well. I liked the colour of the cake due to the carrots added , that I did not feel like decorating the cake in any other way.