Capsicum rice recipes- easy rice varieties- Lunch box recipes

My mom cooked the most delicious food I have ever eaten. She whipped up so many delicacies and varieties of cuisines in no time. I think she inherited from her mother who cooked great food too. I am nowhere close to them when it comes to cooking. I wish I had learned more cooking from her. But I was never interested in cooking that time. Though I did learn a few basic recipes like dal khichdi, rasam and carrot halwa too.Capsicum rice was one of them. I did not make this many times in the last few years. I suddenly…


Macaroni hot pot

I really love the Tarla dalal’s cookbook about lentils and pulses. The recipes are so simple , so doable and interesting too. Like the masoor dal biryaniI have tried before which was quite a nice and a unique recipe. There are many other nice recipes too where you can make beautiful delicacies with lentils not restricting yourselves to just simple side dish of lentils for your rice or rotis. So this was another recipe about using pulses in your pasta where the small, dry,white,oval shaped beans often used in baking is used here. Its also known as boston beans, navy…


Vegetable paratha

This is a great food for kids and kids really enjoy having this hot maybe along with some tomato ketchup. You can add your choice of vegetables to the paratas taking care how you process it before you stuff into the paratas. You can use shredded cabbage or grated cauliflower along with cooked and mashed peas and paneer. I sometimes cook most of the vegetables in the cooker, and add the appropriate spices before stuffing them into the paratas. Just ensure that the stuffing is dry so that you don’t end up with messy paratas!!Paratas do make a very filling…


Capsicum and olive pizza- stove top method

I saw this(stove top) method of making pizza in Sanjeev kapoor’s cookery show long time back. I find this quite simple, quick and less messy too. My son loves pizza and I make this quite frequently with the available toppings. This time , I used capsicum and olives. Also this is a stove top version or a no bake version ,hence useful for people who do not own a convectional oven. Next time, I will be posting another recipe which is a much quicker version. So keep visiting!!


Vegetable pasta with spinach walnut pesto

My site has a new address now . I think many of you are aware by now. It was under the transition phase for the past three days and now it is complete. You will be redirected to this address automatically. The email and other feed subscribers do not have to make any changes with their subscription. They will continue to get the updates regularly. Thanks to all the readers and do keep visiting and giving your comments to keep it going. Few years back, I knew pasta could be made the Indian way or using the white sauce….


Roasted red bellpepper tomato soup with sweet corn

September went without a single post in Creative Saga. The reason is that I am in India now for almost a month. There were a few family functions in the beginning , some health problems, and then problems with the internet connections and then laziness which kept me away from blogging. I haven’t really cooked anything blogworthy , thanks to all the pampering being showered by family and friends. But of course to keep my blog active , I decided to post a recipe which is in my drafts for a long long time. I remember making this one for…


Paneer, bell pepper and mushroom curry- Side dish with rotis

As I mentioned in my last post, there were this last few days when I did not feel like cooking and experimenting something new. But I did try a few delicious side dishes for rotis during dinner , this being one of them. This is a very simple and easy side dish for chapati with a assortment of vegetables I had at hand. But you could try add some cauliflower or broccoli or some carrots if you wish. The cream gives a nice rich taste to the dish. Just skip cream and add some milk if you prefer that way.