purple carrot juice

Purple carrot juice- Gajar ki kanji

This is a spicy fermented non alcoholic drink made with purple carrots. The taste is absolutely different from any other drink you have had to date. It has a pungent odour and tastes sour. My family did not like it much though my hubby had a few glasses after it was chilled.


Eggless carrot beetroot brownies

I want to spend some time doing healthy cooking and bring up some healthy baking recipes.I really hope to change their diet pattern. So that should also give me opportunity to blog more of this recipes. I have already been doing this and I keep sharing the pictures in my instagram too. So please do keep visiting and continue to encourage me with your comments.

So here comes the brownies recipe with carrots,beetroots and nuts. DO try and you will love it.


Foxtail Millet (thinai) carrot kheer /payasam – easy dessert recipes

Millet has become a regular thing at my place. I use millet in my cooking once or sometimes twice a week. Just to make our dinner more interesting, I have been trying to be more creative about using this ingredient in our diet. One of them isdhoklawhich I posted yesterday. Other than diet , I have used it in place of rice with some delicious side dish. I have made payasam with foxtail millet several times by now. A few days back when I was browsing through a catering menu , I came across a dish called rice gajar in…


Paneer paratha recipe – Kids lunch box recipes

We love paneer and parathas with paneer has become by son’s favourite when I made this a couple of days ago.He asks me to make this quite often. Its actually quite easy to make , filling and healthy too. Now as the school starts, I am often in a fix what to give in the lunch box. Parathas does makes the best school lunch box recipe. You can even cut them to triangles making it easy for your kids to eat. Place them in the lunch box wrapping them in aluminium foil or a tissue paper so that it doesn’t…


Vegetable Nilgiri Kurma recipe – Side dish for chapatis or rice

My hubby gets Indian food in his office canteen nowadays. It was a welcome change for the Indians in his office after having the available vegetarian options of stir fried rice or noodles or some partially cooked vegetables. So on the first few days, he used to send me the pictures of his food plate or the lunch menu etc. One day, he said that they served vegetable nilgiri kurma and it was quite good.The name was quite new to me. So I searched the net and got a few recipes of this kurma. I made for my chapatis one…


Vegetable pulao recipe- step by step process

I make vegetable pulao almost every fortnight with all the vegetables I have in stock at the moment, its usually with leftover vegetables.It use to be a rare thing in our homes when we were kids. It was a kind of special food reserved during holidays or when guests come over. Lot of efforts were taken to make this. Cashews were roasted and added. Spices used to be freshly ground. Proper side dishes along with chips, papads, pickles were present. Sometime even vadaams were fried.We grew up to like pulao and then it was made quite frequently. It became a…


Carrot halwa blondie bars recipe

I had got some beautiful red carrots which are quite popular in delhi to make some gajar ka halwa. I was suddenly reminded of this blondies which I had loved at the first sight and had bookmarked it. I got enough time to prepare during the long weekend. They were so good and it had the taste of carrot halwa. My hubby said this was one of the best cakes I have made. I am glad I finally tried this one and am sure to make this again!! Recipe Source (Thank you)- Panfusine & Tasty Treats


Carrot cabbage salad/raitha/Koshimbir

After ranting in each of my posts on salads about including it in our daily menu, I have finally managed to do so successfully to some extent. So this is one method which I have tried with various vegetables and we have been liking it a lot. I had had this cabbage koshimbir for the first time in a get together at a friend’s place who is a Maharashtrian. I had promptly taken the recipe that time though I took ages to make it.The important inclusion in this are the peanuts which gives a nice nutty taste to the salad….


Carrot apple pulp drops

This recipe is totally inspired from the carrot cookies I had baked a few years back from Usha’s veg inspirations. As I had reserved the pulp from the juice I made,I did not have the heart to discard it and I wanted to bake something of it so that I can serve it along with breakfast. I used a slightly different recipe incorporating a large amount of the pulp and raisins so that I could get some chewy breakfast bars kind of thing. To be more precise, they resembled scones or muffins.We all loved it. I even had a few…