Tandoori paneer gobi tikka recipe – Paneer recipes

We hardly eat out nowadays.Its around once or twice a month. So during weekends, I try to make something special for all of us. Its only during the weekends, I get to spend a decent amount of time in the kitchen.I make naans and exotic subji or masala dosa with some restaurant style sambar and chutneys or poori masala. One such day, we felt like having something really dabba style, spicy and delicious. So I decided to make this kind of tandoori style paneer and also add some cauliflower in it. I served some with some rotis and we had…


kadamba Sadam/kadambam sadam-Using brown rice

This rice variety was totally new to me when I saw them In many different blogs and realised that it was never prepared in our homes. So I hopped into different blogs to know its meaning.I would summarise about what I read for people like me who are not aware of it. According to Suganya – ‘Kadambam’ in Tamil refers to an assortment of similar things. It more commonly refers to a flower string which is a mixture of flowers like malli, marikozhundu, sampangi, davanam, kanakaambaram According to Srivalli- Kadambam in Tamil means a melody of different things put together….


Tawa pulao- Popular Mumbai street food

I was aware of this popular street food ,but had never attempted at home. First time, I had this at my sister’s college canteen and could not forget the delicious taste of it and thought that re-creating that kind of spicy flavour was not possible at home.When I browsed for the recipe, I was quite surprised to find the secret ingredient used here is pavbhaji masala. It certainly imparts a nice flavour and a typical street food spicy taste to the pulao. Since then , I have made this quite a few times at home and it was liked by…


Vegetable Biryani- Restaurant style

I did not know the difference between pulao and biryani around two years back when I was learning to cook. Then I learned that, in biryani , the rice is cooked seperately and then mixed with the other ingredients and spices. The first biryani , I tried making was with chole/chickpeas, the recipe I adapted ,found here. Then I tried with the vegetables and came out really good. I followed the same recipe with some changes. Now I make this quite frequently. Its a little time consuming process, but worth all the efforts.It gives a typical restaurant effect. I usually…


Gobi manchurian recipe- indo chinese recipes

This indo chinese cuisine is an all time favourite at my home. This can be just had as a snack/starter or as a side dish with rotis, though I never tried making it at home. I actually wanted to make manchurian with baby corn, but somehow never found time for that. So today when I wanted to try something different with cauliflower, I thought of making this. Here’s the recipe for this.