Sweet potato brownies

I had made this brownies a couple of months ago for my kids snacktime. They love anything with chocolate and I promptly sneaked in some sweet potatoes making the brownies healthier. Walnuts give a nice crunch and chocolate just enhance the taste. They had a nice texture and were really delicious. Kids enjoyed and sweet potatoes imparts the necessary sweetness , So I have added very little sugar to it in the end.


Double Chocolate pancakes – Quick Breakfast recipes

I have also been making pancakes. I use healthy and different ingredients each time. I normally use whole wheat flour or oats. And then , I drizzle with some sugarcane syrup before I serve. This syrup was given by a friend and it has been a great thing. We have totally enjoyed it. My kids also love these pancakes and eat them in a jiffy without making a fuss leaving a satisfied me!!!


Easy fruits and nut tea cake

It turned out quite good and delicious though it wasn’t too moist and had a dry crumb but soft in the inside.The colour was good too!! It tasted good and my kids had them too!! You can try this out if you love fruit and nut cakes.


Double chocolate banana cake recipe – easy baking recipes

Now this has become quite a long break and I really do not want to rant on how life has become busy again when the school reopened a couple of days ago.That is because I am not complaining at all. I have been so busy and I am actually enjoying it. I have been cooking something nice and different apart from the daily food especially during the weekends. I even posted the pictures on instagram. I cooked a small and simple feast for my hubbys birthday too. I am cooking something special for my kiddo when he has staybacks in…


Chocolate banana oatmeal cookies recipe – easy healthy baking recipes

This is one of the most wonderful thing I have had in ages.They were really awesome. Morever they are low fat too. All ingredients used are quite healthy like the whole wheat flour ,oats, banana etc. Its better to use over ripe bananas for more sweetness. Lots of chocolate in the form of cocoa powder and semi sweet chocolate chips is used. You can refer options in the notes to make it eggless too. I have used raw organic sugar instead of brown sugar. They look so delectable too, isn’t it? That is the reason I was tempted to make…


M& M Brownies recipe – Easy eggless bakes

This was another thing I made during the kids first term break.M and M candies are my favourite and my kids favourite too though they love anything with chocolate.I always have surplus amounts of this candies at my home anytime and pop a few into my mouth every now and then. A few months back when I made this cookies with M and M , I thought of trying brownies too and finally got to make it. I tried to follow a slightly different recipe so that I wanted a gooey texture filled with moist chocolate almost oozing out. The…


Toblerone candy shortbread recipes – easy kids recipes

The one week school holidays are almost coming to an end now. This week was the busiest and is still going to be more busy for the next few days. But I also enjoyed the time with my kids and tried spending the maximum time with them keeping them occupied with some activity or the other. And as usual, I tried to cook their favourite dishes too. I had seen this recipe in several blogs a couple of years ago. I had loved it and had wanted to try. But I could never do it as I buy chocolate rarely…


Wacky cake recipe – vegan chocolate cake – No egg no butter cake recipes

What if you want to bake a cake in a hurry?You dont have eggs at home and cant run to the grocery store now. Are you calorie conscious and dont want to eat a cake because of the butter in it. Try this cake. You can have the cake and eat it too!!! I had seen this recipe a couple of months ago in chef in you website and several other blogs. I had loved the recipe and wanted to try it immediately, but had somehow forgotten it due to other commitments. Later when Usha had posted it last month,…