Easy fruits and nut tea cake

It turned out quite good and delicious though it wasn’t too moist and had a dry crumb but soft in the inside.The colour was good too!! It tasted good and my kids had them too!! You can try this out if you love fruit and nut cakes.


Eggless carrot beetroot brownies

I want to spend some time doing healthy cooking and bring up some healthy baking recipes.I really hope to change their diet pattern. So that should also give me opportunity to blog more of this recipes. I have already been doing this and I keep sharing the pictures in my instagram too. So please do keep visiting and continue to encourage me with your comments.

So here comes the brownies recipe with carrots,beetroots and nuts. DO try and you will love it.


Eggless cinnamon rolls or cinnamom pull aparts — easy bread baking recipes

Bread baking is really addictive. Its joyful to watch the bread dough rise and baking bread at home gives you immense joy and satisfaction. Though I dont find time to bake on a regular basis, I do try to do it once in a while. Try baking breads at home and you will love it. I had bookmarked the easy cinnamom rolls recipe from Sallys baking addiction long ago.It sounded so delicious and the recipe seemed to be easy too. But I wanted to do an eggless version though I dont mind the eggs in my bakes. So I found…