Corn Mayonnaise grilled sandwich – easy bread recipes

Making food for kids is the most difficult thing.Especially if your kids is choosy like my son, then cooking is definitely a challenge. That is why if my son appreciates something I cook, then I can guarantee that the recipe is keeper. I have won!! He is more fond of restaurant styled food, pizzas, pastas and burgers. When I try to recreate at home with healthy ingredients as I always do, it seldom wins some appreciation by him. But anyway, I keep trying and try to avoid too much of outside food. I do have to force him sometimes though….


How to make Green chutney – Mint coriander chutney recipe – Basic kitchen requirements

A friend of mine makes this often. She had once made this for a get together as one of the side dishes and I asked for the recipe. I have also made this a couple of times(infact whenver I buy the coriander leaves and mint leaves) by now and use it in different preparations too. I once made a dal with it(recipe coming soon. ) I also add it in my pulao for the extra flavour. I just serve it with rotis along with subji and dal as an extra side dish. It tastes even good with our curd rice….


Coriander paratha- Indian breads – Lunch box recipes

Nothing much of a story about these parathas,except I found the recipe in a tarla dalal cook book . I love coriander and love to add them to all my subjis and my rasam is incomplete without them. I have been making lot of parathas nowadays, especially cheese parathas – my son’s favourite. I made them recently and it tasted quite nice. It goes well with some dal or tomato gravy. I did not find it very appealing with curds because the parathas were mildly spiced and went well with some spicy dal. But its your choice completely. Try them…