Paruppu podi recipe – Lentil powder for rice

Paruppu podi/ spicy powder with lentil is made quite often at my place since my childhood. It was definitely made for my dad when we(my mom, sis and me) went to our native place during our vacations. It came in really handy during dinner when my dad used to just cook some rice and had it with this powder. I have made it only once since my marriage and somehow this was never my favourite. But when my grandmom send a packet of this a couple of months back, my son had it once and got addicted to this podi….


Paneer and small onion in southindian tamarind based gravy – Side dish for rotis and rice

Whenever I make arachuvitta sambar or the paste for vathakuzhumbu , I always think of trying out a fusion variety with paneer ,mushrooms or tofu added into the same gravy /kuzhumbu. This would make a different and delicious side dish for rice and rotis. So I finally tried it one day and it tasted really delicious. I made it with paneer , but am sure you can add in some fresh mushrooms and tofu and some peas too. I had it with phulkas , but my hubby insisted that I make some steamed rice or cumin rice for this gravy…


Avacado salad and moong bean patty sandwich – bread recipes

I usually try to make make our dinner light and balanced. We usually don’t opt for rice in the night as its too tempting especially if there is delicious side dish along with it and then we end up eating more. So its usually a millet variety with a side dish or some kind of upma with either semolina or cracked wheat. Sometimes, I make a sandwich with different ingredients and my kids love this kind of food for dinner. So when I made it last time, I decided to use lentils as well as vegetables to make it wholesome….


Palak Khichadi recipe – spinach lentil rice – easy rice varieties

I love the khichdi served in thali restaurants. I love the semi liquid consistency of this , but no matter I make this at home, it turns a little dry and is not like porridge. But my family prefers it this way , so I just go ahead with it. In Singapore’s Kailas parbat restaurant , they serve one “khaas khichadi” and we simply love that dish. They use basmati rice and the taste of dal in it tastes awesome. Since then , I started using basmati rice for khichadi. This time, I also added some spinach puree. It was…


Moong bhel recipe – healthy snack recipes

This is a nice healthy dish which is enjoyed by the kids as it is like any other chaat and equally by grown up as its healthy and tasty. I make this for breakfast or also when we are in mood for light dinner. It is low in calories too. You can also make this with moong sprouts. Some people make with raw moong sprouts too. But I love it this way. Do try this especially if you are on a diet and trying to reduce weight. It makes a delicious and filling dish too. Distribute some portion of the…


How to make palakchi dal – palak katli recipe # Maharashtrian style spinach lentil sidedish for rice

A Maharahtrian friend gave me this recipe recently and I have already made this thrice with some slight variations each time which I have mentioned in the notes below. It really goes well with rice. Its very easy to make and does not require any other side dish as it is a whole meal itself. Its so nutritious for the kids too. I love the combination of various flavours in this dal. Do try and give your feedback.


Dried peas pasta chundal recipe -Navrathri special

A couple of years back, my sis had been to see a golu (dolls display during navarathri)with my aunty. There , they had served chundal where even pasta was added to it. My sister had mentioned to me about this. I suddenly remembered about this few days ago. I wanted to make this as a evening snack for my kids. However, I never remember to soak grains beforehand and have always been lazy about this part. Anyway, Navratri was round the corner, so I decided to make this snack for it. I asked my sister, whether they had followed the…


How to make dal dhokli– Dal dhokli recipe

This is a popular Gujarati delicacy. My sister inspired me to try this one. We always try to keep our dinner light. So I made the delicious dal dhokli for me and my hubby. We enjoyed a bowl of this, which was quite filling , but not too heavy too. While making this one, I was reminded of a similar dish where the wheat dough is seasoned with appropriate ingredients and it actually does not have dal in it. I will post that sometime. Till that I hope you try this one and enjoy it too!! Recipe source- Show me…


Black channa curry recipe – No onion Garlic recipes

I have made this several times and have also loved it.I even made in a big bulk for a friend for a party. I once served with vegetable rice when I had some friends home. It was liked by all. My friend asked me to post this recipe and I am doing it after a long time.This is quite similar to the kadalai curry with puttu , I had posted years ago. But not entirely same, so its more richer and tastier. It goes well with rice, mixed rice,dosas ,chapatis and even pooris. I have made both with and without…


Masoor dal makhani recipe- Indian lentil recipes- Side dish for rice or rotis!!

I was introduced to this whole masoor lentil with skin a couple of years back by a friend who makes this regularly.Its known for its high iron content. I make this dal very frequently and am surprised why I haven’t still posted it here. I guess dal is considered so trivial to make it to the blog. But this lentil is not so popular especially among the south Indians.So I wanted to post this one as its really healthy and is tasty too.Its very similar to dal makhani made with black lentils and it goes well with some basmati rice….