Mango kulfi icecream

Hello to all my readers. Good to be back to blogging after a very long time. But I have been working on my blog and still working on it. I am trying to make it more organised and more better to get motivated to be regular to blogging.Cooking has been going on and it has been full fledged healthy cooking. I do have some recipes in my drafts which I would like to get done with and then start working on other recipes.


Vegetable brown rice patty – easy wholemeal ideas

My son often has stayback after school on certain days. So I need to pack an extra tiffin box on such days. He hardly gets 15 minutes for eating before the class begins. He eats very slowly and so I usually pack something which can be easily and quickly eaten. Generally I make stuffed parathas and roll it up for him. So for one of these stayback days, I made some wholemeal cutlets. This recipe involves rice and vegetables and made a quick and proper lunch for my son.


Khoya cupcakes/Mawa muffins – easy eggless muffins

I had made this muffins almost six months ago. I had got a packet of frozen khoya from mustafa last year with an intention of making some sweets for diwali , but never found the time. Finally when it was nearing the expiry date, I decided to make the muffins which I had bookmarked long ago from a few blogs. I did not want to use eggs or condensed milk in it. So I finally took a recipe from here and made some small changes in the measurements and eliminated a few ingredients.I think I baked the cake a tad more time and it sunk a little in the center. But the cake was denser as I had expected it to be just like we find in the indian bakeries. Its certainly not going to be spongy. But the cake was really good and it involves lots of calories , so I would not


Eggless whole wheat almond cookies – easy eggless cookies recipes

Its almost 5-6 months now and today I finally decided to post. Things keep me busy,and when I do find time, I cant bring myself to do the process of clicking, editing and publishing the pictures and the posts. It seems like a elaborate activity. Though I keep getting kind enquiries from my friends and bloggers about why I am missing in action nowadays. So finally I decided to leave all my priorities behind and publish a post. Cooking has been happening , but not much of baking. So perhaps when I start blogging , I will restart baking too.


Whole wheat spicy foccacia recipe – easy bread baking recipes

Baking has not really been happening at my place lately. I had made this foccacia bread a couple of month ago with some soup. It was delicious. I have posted another recipe for foccacia sometime back. I had used all purpose flour. I had baked foccacia for the first time and it turned out really good. So the next time, I wanted to try it with whole wheat flour/atta. Foccacia is a very forgiving recipe and even beginners can try this bread recipe as it is not easy to go wrong with this one. After this attempt, I even tried…


Corn dhokla recipe – easy snacks recipes

I had made this some ages ago for an evening snack and we had gorged on it and loved it.I buy corn many times as my kiddo likes it. But I often forget about it leaving it in the refigerator perhaps for a fortnight. It happened this time until I finally thought of making bhutte ka kees. But thinking of the meagre amount it will be after all the process, I dropped the plan and thought of making this dhoklas. I referred to a number of recipes in the net. Nothing special about the recipe, its almost same as we…


Badam aur makhana ki kheer – Almond and lotus seeds pudding – easy pudding recipes

Before you say that I have left blogging, I finally decided to do a post today. I do have a few posts in my drafts , but somehow I kept it postponing with the other activities. Its the busiest time of the year for the kids with a number of activities lined up at school which keeps all mummies on their toes. While some other things comes up along with the usual routine activities. Similarly kiddos teacher wanted a few parent volunteers for some activity in school for the SG 50 celebrations going on. All kids were given lego sets…


Double chocolate banana cake recipe – easy baking recipes

Now this has become quite a long break and I really do not want to rant on how life has become busy again when the school reopened a couple of days ago.That is because I am not complaining at all. I have been so busy and I am actually enjoying it. I have been cooking something nice and different apart from the daily food especially during the weekends. I even posted the pictures on instagram. I cooked a small and simple feast for my hubbys birthday too. I am cooking something special for my kiddo when he has staybacks in…


Sundried tomato and onion foccacia – easy baking recipes for beginners

I had thought I would get more time during the kids holidays. Rather I have been busier than the usual days. The kiddo had a small mishap hurting himself. So I have been running around with him. All the yummy goodies I was planning to bake had to take a backseat, obviously the blog too. Its still not over and its just a few days left for the school to reopen. I am really tensed and just hope everything comes back to normal soon. Okay, coming to the recipe now, baking a foccacia has been in my list for a…


No churn Rose icecream recipe- No machine required – no churn icecream recipes

This is one of the most delicious homemade icecream I have had.I started making icecreams only last summer for first time and this year I got to make a couple of icecreams too. This recipe is very similar to the no churn vanilla icecream I posted few months back. The only difference is that I have used rose flavour in this one. It was really delicious and had a beautiful rose flavour. It tasted more like kulfi as rose is more of a Indian flavour and the addition of condensed milk tasted like khoya. I shared this with a friend…