Poli/chapati – basic maharashtrian recipe- step by step pictures

Spending almost twenty five years of my life in Maharashtra, I have tasted every kind of Maharashtrian food. I am so fond of all the delicacies and though being a south indian, the cuisine was accepted by us as a staple food. I love puranpolis, sheera ,amti,dalbaati,thalipeeth,sabudana, varan bhaath etc. Groundnut is used in a large scale. They are roasted and powdered and added to the vegetables and salads. I was always fascinated by the way they made polis. It used to be so soft and remained the same for a long time. And the aroma during poli preperation is…


Channa masala recipe – side dish for pooris

This is a all time favourite at my place and I make it quite frequently. When I was looking through my recipe collection I found a recipe for channa masala/chole which was a little different from what I make usually. So this time , I made it this way.It tasted different , was very tasty had a restaurant like and authentic taste to it. This is how I made.


Pumpkin halwa – quick dessert recipes

I first tasted this sweet during my cousin’s wedding and since then I have seen this in most of the tamil wedding parties. I had little pumpkin left after using it for a subji. So thought of trying this.It was so easy to make, took very less time and tasted really good. My hubby simply loved it. And now about the award. I am so thrilled to receive the “nice matters award” from Swati raman garg of Chatkhor. It says “Nice Matters Award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings…