Oats paniyaram recipe — Oats recipes

I have never known paniyaram when I was in India.It was never made at our place though rarely something called appe was made. The iron appe pan was placed in the hot oil and the appe was cooked by deep frying. Later , when I came to Singapore, when we were invited to our friend’s place(the same friend where I had iced lemon tea for the first time), they served this dish and that was the first time I tasted this one. It was made with dosa batter. I loved the dish. Later my hubby’s friends who were bachelors also…


Vegetarian tomato omelette recipe

This was one easy,quick and tasty recipe  when I was just learning to cook after my marriage.It was so easy to put together and was always tasty in contrast to the other dishes I made at that time. This along with some toasted bread dabbed with some salted butter made a perfect breakfast or brunch for us. But then I never made this almost for the last couple of years until I was suddenly reminded of it one fine evening when I was in no mood to cook. I made this and we really enjoyed it for our dinner.


Wheat adais

I think the basic tamil cookbook by Meenakshi ammal is very useful for people who are new to tamil cooking. I own one of those books which was given to me by a family friend when I got married. It contains most of the day to day cooking recipes from varieties of sambars, rasams, kootus and curries and then some varieties of dosas and other tiffin recipes. I used to refer this book when I did not know anything about tamil cooking and learned quite a lot from this book though her instructions and ingredient measurements are sometimes a bit…


Brown rice adai

Adai is a kind of dosa or pancake made with rice and lentils. I have already posted a recipe for adai here. I usually add a variety of lentils to this though traditionally only three kind of lentils is used in the adai. Here I have replaced the white rice with brown rice and also tried adding black eyed beans to it. Though there is no significant difference to the taste. Adai tastes delicious anyway. And it gives an immense satisfaction of using healthy ingredients like brown rice and highlyproteinecious pulses. Serve immediately with milagai podi, avial or tastes great…


Murungai ilai dosai / Drumstick leaves dosa

Murungai ilai is the tamil word for drumstick leaves , interestingly the botanical name for the drumstick tree is “Moringa oleifera”. Drumsticks are extensively used in tamil recipes. I came to know that the leaves are used in cooking too ,a few years back and it is known to be very healthy. The only thing I used them was in my dal. Adding them to adai (mixed dal dosa) is very popular thing in tamil nadu. But I thought of adding them to the dosa batter and hence searched for some good recipe. Incidently, I realised that drumstick leaves dosa…


How to make Healthy blueberry pancakes – easy pancake recipe

Last time , it was Cool Lassie who won the giveaway and she was super excited. She has even placed her order with her 80 dollar gift card which she won from the CSN giveaway. She says that it has been like a X’mas time receiving one gifts after the another.This time, it could be you!!! Isn’t it exciting?? Do have a look at their dining room collection of casual and formal dining sets,breakfast nooks, dinette sets, dining tables, dining accessories and more. For the benefit of those people who are not aware , CSN is giant online stores which…


How to make Ragi oats dosai- easy breakfast recipes

This dosa is quite similar to the rava dosa I had posted a couple of days ago. I just played with the quantity of ingredients and added some ragi and oats to the batter to make it a tad healthier. It was also a good change from the usual dosas we have for breakfast. I find the preparation of these kinds of dosas so easy and it goes very well with the pre prepared milagai podi though I managed to serve them with tomato onion chutney. Serve hot with chutney or milagai podi.


Suji Pancakes -nita Mehta recipe

We had a lovely weekend at the beach this time. It felt so good playing in the water and building sand castles , going cycling along with my son who was equally excited like his parents to be there after a long time. We thoroughly enjoyed the day and by the time we returned home we were tired and hungry. I did not feel like cooking anything elaborate and was just nonchalantly flipping through Nita Mehtas cookbook for a quick recipe when I found this easy pancakes. They were easy to make, was ready in a couple of minutes and…


Rava Dosai – not the usual one!!

Remember me telling you sometime in december that I was not keeping a good health . Yes,I had had an eye inflammation and was unable to cook or do any of the chores. Thats when my kind neighbours came to my rescue!!! . During that time, one of my telegu friends made these dosas for our breakfast. It tasted really good and I asked her for the recipe. She promptly gave me the recipe and since then, this has been a regular breakfast thing at my place. It doesn’t involve a lot of preperation and is very easy to make….


Milagai podi/chutney powder for idlis and dosas

I never bought or tried making this chutney powder or also called as idli milagai powder before until I started making idlis and dosas frequently. I don’t find time to make chutneys and sambars each time I make idlis, thats where this one comes to the rescue. So heres the recipe for the powder