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Banana stem stir fry – side dish for chapatis

My sister had once suggested to try a stir fry with it using onions and all. So when I got the stem last month, I decided to make it this way. It was spicy and delicious and it really tasted great with phulkas. We all enjoyed it and am sure I will making this again and again.


Spinach(palak) and chickpea flour (besan)dry curry

I have had this or atleast something similar to this at a friend’s place back in India a couple of years ago. I bought a spinach to make a salad with it for dinner. But ended up making this one as I really felt like having something spicy along with my chapatis that day. I am glad I remembered this recipe as we all loved it and went very well with chapatis and dal. I think I am going to make this often.


Spicy bittergourd dry curry

I have cooked bittergourd in a number of ways and it has always been our favourite. Its the best side dish for chapatis. Infact, we tend to have few more rotis whenever I cook the bitter bittergourd!! Not many would rave about this bittergourd like me!! Isn’t it? But thats the truth. Though the spicy recipe with gravy or the stuffed ones continues to be our favourite, the dry version also makes its way to our platter once in a while. The other day, when I was going through Raaga’s recipe of bittergourd, I was actually reminded of my recipe…


How to make Beans paruppu usili – Sidedish recipes

Paruppu usili, that is a combination of crumbled lentils or parappu with some vegetable such as french beans, cluster beans etc is a hot favourite in most of the Tamilian homes. Its a traditional dish which is usually prepared as a side dish with morkuzhumbu. But I am not too particular about this perfect combinations and love it with simple rasam or sambar too. Few days back I even tried this with vaizhaipoo i.e banana flowers and it just tasted awesome. My mom used to make this slightly differently by frying the crumbled lentils in oil. But I follow a…