red chilli pickle

Red chilly pickle recipe

Garlic ,tamarind and jaggery is added to suppress the pungent fiery taste of the red chillies. But it is still very spicy. I love to have it with my curd rice , chapatis or dosas sometimes.


How to make Paneer garlic fried rice – easy paneer recipes- Easy Indian rice varieties

I had made this rice some couple of days ago for lunch one day even before Diwali. I have not really been cooking anything different after Diwali because the sweets and savouries we gorged on during that time. But I will be certainly posting some interesting recipes soon maybe in a week or two. Till then do try making this. Its really delicious. We at home love paneer a lot, so I do add them in pulao which I make frequently. I had had this rice variety in a restaurant some time ago and loved it. I served with boondi…


Garlic bread recipe – Almost pizza hut style in a few minutes!!

We love to eat at the pizza hut occasionally especially my son loves it.Though we vegetarians do not have many options , but still, recently they do have some vegetarian pasta varieties and some add ons too. But garlic bread at pizza hut continues to be our favourite. Especially if we order at home for lunch, we reserve the garlic bread for our tea time. We simply have it with our tea. I saw the recipe for it recently and when I had the hot dog buns at home, I decided to make it. It was nice and we all…


Inji Kuzhumbu recipe- Ginger gravy

The climate in Singapore keeps on changing and as a result maximum people get affected with cold and throat infections. The same had happened a couple of years ago. I was conversing with my friend on the telephone and she told me that everyone had a bad throat infection and her mother who was visiting then had made a inji kuzhumbu(ginger gravy) and it was quite soothing. I myself had a bad throat and immediately asked her mother for the recipe. I made it and it was so delicious and felt very good. I have been making this since then….


Pasta pomodoro

We vegetarians have very few options at the pizza hut here in Singapore. But we are quite happy to note that they have added vegetarian pastas too from a couple of months. My son loves pizzas and pastas. Last time we had pasta with pomodoro sauce and mushrooms and he just loved it. It was all over in no time. Then we had pasta pomodoro at the pastamania too. My son loved it as usual, though I liked the pizza hut one better. So I thought of recreating this at home especially now when the term holidays are going on….


Stuffed mushrooms /bharwan khumb- easy starter recipe

There was a time some decades ago when I actually detested the thought of eating mushrooms. The only time I saw these mini umbrellas were during the rainy seasons when I was a little girl and used to play around the bushes along with the other kids.We were always told that they were poisonous species and hence unedible. It was only later when I came to know about the edible mushrooms and it was only a couple of years later I actually got to taste a mushroom dish. It was when a few friends and me had visited a restaurant….


Macaroni hot pot

I really love the Tarla dalal’s cookbook about lentils and pulses. The recipes are so simple , so doable and interesting too. Like the masoor dal biryaniI have tried before which was quite a nice and a unique recipe. There are many other nice recipes too where you can make beautiful delicacies with lentils not restricting yourselves to just simple side dish of lentils for your rice or rotis. So this was another recipe about using pulses in your pasta where the small, dry,white,oval shaped beans often used in baking is used here. Its also known as boston beans, navy…


Garlic pull aparts

After seeing at Nags and Sunaina’s and of course a couple of many other blogs too, I was too tempted to try this one and am glad I did. Because this was the best and softest bread I had ever baked. I made some changes to the original recipe. I try to use atta /whole wheat flour for most of my breads and used it here too. And then I also threw in some sundried tomatoes which was left with me after baking this buns. We had loved the tangy taste of sundried tomatoes in the buns. We enjoyed this…