chickpea salad

Tangy Chickpea salad

I think the least number of recipes are posted under the “salad”cateogory of my blog. I do make salads regularly though not everyday. My kids like to have chopped raw carrots almost everyday or I make raita/pachadi with different veggies. But eating vegetables in raw form almost everyday is not […]


Palak upma recipe – Spinach upma- Easy Breakfast recipes

This year is coming to an end soon. The last week of this year. The holidays will be coming to an end. The schools will be reopening next week. So much of excitement and nervousness around now. Things will be busier again. No more of relaxing or rather lazy days!! We have been going out during the weekends. The weekdays are always busy with the kids around. So I did not spend more time in the kitchen. The food preparation has been really normal – healthy but not time consuming. I love making different varieties of upma for our weekend…


How to make palakchi dal – palak katli recipe # Maharashtrian style spinach lentil sidedish for rice

A Maharahtrian friend gave me this recipe recently and I have already made this thrice with some slight variations each time which I have mentioned in the notes below. It really goes well with rice. Its very easy to make and does not require any other side dish as it is a whole meal itself. Its so nutritious for the kids too. I love the combination of various flavours in this dal. Do try and give your feedback.


Palak pulao with paneer and peas- spinach rice with cottage cheese and peas

Rice varieties are a great saviour nowadays. Its becoming a little difficult managing the house chores along with the baby. But its fun too as I try to spend lot of time with the kids. So one of these days, I made this mixed rice variety when I was debating whether to make some cumin rice and palak paneer as a side dish. But with the little time I had in hand, I decided to combine both of them. It became easier to feed my kid too as he is a really fussy eater, and this way I could make…


Watercress and potato soup

I participated in the february marathon held by Srivalli and somehow missed it last month.But I made sure to be there this time.I selected “seven days of soups” because soups has been something very rare in my kitchen and my blog. I do make it, but not too frequently.I will probably blame the hot and humid climate of Singapore which does not tempts you to eat soups. This leafy vegetable (watercress) made its entry to my kitchen only a few months ago just like many other greens. Its not always possible to find palak/spinach in the nearby shops here. So…


Round up of SWC- Cooking with greens part 2

I am so glad that you liked the spinach round up part 1. As some of you have stated , it sure would be a good reference when you want to cook the healthy greens in some unique way. In this round up , I will present to you all the other different greens. Hope you enjoy them. Please do click on the Images for enlarged pictures/for viewing the photo gallery). Coriander First row


Round up of Swc- Cooking with Greens part-1

I am so glad to present the round up of my first event Swc-Cooking with greens. Before that, I would like to summarize a few things. First, I would like to thank Lakshmi of taste of mysore who allowed me to host the SWC event this month. Then I would like to thank all the bloggers who participated in the event. Special thanks to enthusiastic bloggers who send me more than 5 to 10 entries. I received a total of 112 entries. So to round up the entries, I have cateogorised them into few groups according to the different greens…


Announcing SWC- Cooking with greens event

Cooking with greens As I had mentioned in my post,that I have to get serious about blogging and it was high time to do something , I decided to host an event in my blog,my first event. My special thanks to lakshmi, who gave me a chance to host the SWC this month. As lakshmi has already been concenterating on healthy foods in her past few food blog events , I decided to carry on the same tradition. As greens are an essential part of our diet, it would be nice to know not only the various preperation methods ,but…