Beetroot burfi recipe

I love burfis, but am scared of making them. Making burfis has always been a disappointment for me. I am never sure when to stop stirring and at what consistency, it would set properly. Most of the times, I stop the stirring too early and it does not set. Then I have to again repeat the process. This way , it is either ok or I burn a portion of it. So it has been a very long time, I did not dare to make them. I have been thinking of making halwa with beetroot for sometime. So I thought…


Instant healthy dosa – Dosa recipes

I have been seeing lots of very impressive dosa varieties being posted in many blogs. After googling for some dosa recipes , I decided to combine flour,oats and carrots to make a instant mixed dosa.It tasted good and was quite filling, at the same time very healthy too. I am sending this to Srivalli’s dosa mela and also to WBB#20- balanced breakfast hosted by Mansi.