Indian breads

Akki roti

I have now come to normal routine after a busy week followed by a busy weekend. First the Varalakshmi vratham , then avani avittam (sacred thread) . I made a typical south indian food for the avani avittam with sambar , rasam, kootu, curry, vadai, payasam. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take the photo as I was really tired with the preparations and I was in no mood to do it. However, we dressed up my son in a panchakatcham (dhoti ) and here’s the snap!!! Todays post is akki roti. This is a famous karnataka cuisine, which I learned from my…


Poli/chapati – basic maharashtrian recipe- step by step pictures

Spending almost twenty five years of my life in Maharashtra, I have tasted every kind of Maharashtrian food. I am so fond of all the delicacies and though being a south indian, the cuisine was accepted by us as a staple food. I love puranpolis, sheera ,amti,dalbaati,thalipeeth,sabudana, varan bhaath etc. Groundnut is used in a large scale. They are roasted and powdered and added to the vegetables and salads. I was always fascinated by the way they made polis. It used to be so soft and remained the same for a long time. And the aroma during poli preperation is…


Lauki/doodhi/bottlegourd paratha and microwave lauki kheer – bottle gourd recipes

I was never too fond of bottlegourd until I tasted the parathas our Maharashtrian friend made for us one evening. It is a regular thing at my place now. It tastes delicious, easy to make, less time consuming and taken with spicy curds/raitha. Doodhi/lauki /bottlegourd paratha – Kheer with bottlegourd?? yes …indeed..I saw this recipe in Tarla dalal’s book on microwave cooking. And made this in the microwave. It was creamy and delicious, a hit at my place. Microwave Doodhi kheer- Both this dishes goes to VoW bottlegourd , a monthly event hosted by Pooja of My creative ideas.


Sweet paratha with coconut filling – easy indian dessert recipe

I made this sweet parathas just for the blog events going on now. I came up with the idea after some googling and putting together 3 events . But whatever, my hubby just loved them. He was a bit disappointed as I had made only a few parathas. But wanted me to make this one frequently. So this lovely parathas goes to the following events- 1) Roti mela hosted by Srivalli 2)Sweet series by Mythreyee( this month being puran poli or sweet chapatis and rotis) 3)AFAM coconut hosted by Suganya.


Dal Paratha recipe – easy indian breads

I had no hopes of making something for the SWC- Gujarat event, due to a very busy schedule this month, But at the end I managed it. I was browsing the net for some Gujarati recipes and found this Daal parathas extremely tempting. So tried making them and they tasted absolutely delicious. These parathas goes to Priyanka of Asankhana who is hosting SWC-Gujarat this month. This event was started by LG Of Taste of mysore for Singapore women’s club. I am also sending this tasty parathas to Srivalli who is hosting roti mela. I had something else in mind for…


Missi roti and panchmel dal –Rajasthani recipes

One good thing about food blogging is it makes me hunt for more recipes and try out those food which I never thought of making. Now for the RCI Rajasthan event, after googling and debating on what to make out of so many dishes, I settled on making Rajasthani dal and missi roti. So here is how I made them. Missi roti- Serve hot. Shahi ghatte is a good combination with missi roti. Rajasthani panchmel dal – (side dish for chapatis /rice)


Sweet potato parathas with tomato onion chutney- kids recipes

I have never tried anything with sweet potatoes.These are widely available and eaten during the shivrathri in the month of feb or march. I was googling for a recipe with sweet potato and was surprised to find its culinary use all over the world. Sweet potato pie, cakes ….and indian food like gulab jamuns,koftas,kababs etc and many more.. Anyway, I decided to make simple stuffed paratha with them. It definitely tasted different.It had a sweet taste and by adding the regular spices,made it a little spicy too. And for the side dish I usually prefer curd for any parathas. But…