sesame seeds laddoo

Til ke ladoo recipe /white sesame seeds and jaggery ladoo

Whenever I find time, I try to make some traditional snacks for them to know and enjoy atleast a few. One of these days I remembered this sesame ladoos we used to have during the winter season especially during sankranthi in maharashtra. Its very easy to put together the crushed sesame seeds and jaggery,requires less ingredients and and very less of your time,totally my kind of recipe!!!


Arisi thengai payasam recipe – rice coconut payasam – easy Indian dessert recipes

When I had posted the instant rice flour vadais, I had mentioned that I had made a payasam during the tamil new year. I thought of posting about it today.This kind of payasam with coconut was not made at my place as far as I remember. But I once had this at my friend place during some occasion a couple of years ago. It was simply awesome. But after that I never thought of trying it at home nor I got a chance of having it again. But I was looking for some payasam recipe which I have never tried…


Atte ka halwa recipe – easy sweet recipes – food for kids

When I was young and watched the hindi movies with interest, I used to be quite fascinated with the concept of halwa puri in them and I really used to feel quite tempted with the combo. When in some early 90’s we moved to north india, an acquantaince made this halwa poori and shared it with us. The poori was good as always , but the halwa tasted a quite weird as we were used to the semolina kesaris till then. I never knew atta could be used to make halwa. I came to know about this very recently when…


How to make tea- With jaggery -Gud ki chai- hot beverages recipes

Todays recipe is not a big deal , but definitely worth a post for tea lovers.I dont call myself a tea lover and have umpteen cups of tea each day. But I do begin my mornings with a hot cup of tea. As the mornings are really busy and always in a hurry to cook breakfasts and lunch and send the kids to school, I dont spend a lot of time making tea. But there are some mornings or sometimes even in rainy afternoons, I crave for some nice flavoured tea. I have it in leisure,bliss!! One of my friends…