jams and preserves

Mango jam

Mango continues to be my favourite fruit, only mine as the other family members are not too fond of it. But they do love it in cakes and other varietes. Last year , I used the mangoes to make a lot of things apart from having them as such.Though this time we did not have any, but I thought of making a jam spread and have it for later use before the season ends. It tasted just divine. We all love it on our bread as well as chapatis. Use as a spread on bread and buns.


Inji lehyam/ ginger jam- Diwali special

Inji lehyam is especially made during diwali usually by the Tamil brahmins. It is said to have medicinal values which helps in digestion and prevents stomach problems. Its also popularly known as diwali marundhu or medicine. A small portion of this lehyam is served first thing on the diwali morning. Some people even add black pepper and omam/ajwain/carom seeds. Some even use other medicinal herbs for its preperation. At my place, we make it in a very simple manner and it does tastes delicious. So , I thought of sharing this with you all when my grandmother made this today….


How to make Strawberry jam at home- Jam recipes

Berries are in plenty now and each time I visit the supermarket, the strawberries and blueberries are too tempting to resist buying them even if I know that I may not find time to use them in my cooking or baking. But I did mange to make a strawberry jam and a blueberry cake(will be posting later) and then finished a tub of blueberries by just popping a few into my mouth everytime I opened the fridge and another tub is still lying in my fridge waiting to be used in something good. I hope so!! My son loves to…


Apricot jelly recipe using gelatin–easy dessert recipes

I love apricots and add them in most of my cakes and pudddings. When I came across this recipe to make apricot jelly, it sounded very interesting. I made it and was over in no time. My hubby who is not too fond of dried apricots as it is liked the taste of the jelly. It can be served with cakes and icecreams . This is another one from Margaret’s recipe book.So here’s the recipe.