Masala lemon rice

Masala lemon rice recipe

This is a very easy recipe and its my go to recipe whenever I don’t have much time for cooking. This does not really require any side dish as such though you can serve a side dish of your choice if you like it that way. Papads or chips should be a good choice to serve with too!


Glazed Lemon cake Recipe- easy cake baking recipes

I did not actually want to write a recipe for a cake in this post after already posting one in my previous post. But this one was so good and delicious that I could not resist myself from posting this one soon.Yes, believe me,this one was one of the best cakes I have baked till date. And the best part is it is so easy and does not involve any complicated steps that even your kid can handle it. I swear, I allowed my 4 year old to help me. He has his school holidays now. Few days back, I…


Lemon/lime rice – Tamilnadu’s popular rice variety

Lemon rice or Elumicham Sadam is a popular rice variety in tamil nadu and is a perfect comfort food. Its very easy and quick to make and can be very easily carried in tiffin box for your lunch. I have come across two versions of the preperation of this rice variety. Though I use the first version more. Now I have updated the post with a third version of making it when you are in a hurry. Cook the rice till it is soft and grains are seperate. Heat oil in a pan.