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chickpea salad

Tangy Chickpea salad

I think the least number of recipes are posted under the “salad”cateogory of my blog. I do make salads regularly though not everyday. My kids like to have chopped raw carrots almost everyday or I make raita/pachadi with different veggies. But eating vegetables in raw form almost everyday is not […]


Potato bread ball/rolls recipe -easy low fat snack recipes

How I wish I could post everyday or atleast in every 2- 3 days.It really gives me lot of joy right from cooking to taking photos , editing them and doing a post. But of course other things takes the priorites pushing blogging at the end. It was super long weekened last week and I did cook some yummy stuff. There are a list of posts to be done , but that will be done gradually in the following days. I saw this recipe here and I immediately wanted to make them. It sounded too good and was sure the…


Low fat eggless Blueberry squares / Blueberry bites recipes– Easy baking recipes

I have been buying lots of blueberries lately and each time I think of trying something new with it. But we love eating those berries as such especially my daughter. Thinking of the amount of fats and sugar going into the bakes, I have been avoiding baking . But then I landed into several dessert blogs consisting of gorgeous desserts , but were low fat and vegan too. I decided to make my dessert the healthy way and I have whipped up a few low fat desserts by now which I will post soon. Till then , do try this…