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1 minute Banana nutella mug cake – Healthy microwave baking recipes

I had been craving for chocolate for the last few days, especially for the chocolatey taste of nutella.And there were a few over ripe bananas too!!!The nutella and the banana combo always works out just fine, be it milkshakesor icecreams. And as my readers already know, my thing has just to be healthy and a low calorie one too. So I didi not want to add any extra sweetener as the banana and nutella already provided the necessary sweetness. But I did add some semi sweet dark chocolate chips on the top. As they melted in the microwave, it was…


Microwave mysorepak recipe – Easy sweet recipes – Diwali sweets

The mysorepak is a classic Indian dessert the preperation of which is believed to be the most difficult. I mean it takes guts and have to be made under the guidance of a expert. I have tried the traditional way of making this sweet and have posted it here. It was kind of okay when I made this for the first time, but was slightly crumbly. Then came the soft mysorepak-Krishna sweets kind of recipe which became a rage and was tried by several bloggers. I tried it too and it came out wonderfully. I made it many times and…


Microwave Nutella chocolate mug cake recipe in 5minutes

I hardly find time to cook anything blog worthy nowadays. Its the routine food mostly. The baby keep me on my toes all the time. My son has been demanding chocolate cake for sometime. So I decided to satisfy his chocolate cravings with a quick microwave version for the time being. I have made microwave cakes before and so far this one has been the best. One thing is because of the nutella in it which is our favourite and also the cake turned out to be soft and delicious. Recipe courtesy- blogs.babble.com Notes-


Nutella hot chocolate coffee

I love to have coffee in the mornings. During the afternoons, its tea if I have the time and patience to make it or its coffee made in the microwave in a hurry.Nutella is so popular nowadays. I bought a huge bottle too planning to make something or me and my son can always gobble down scoopfuls of nutella without trashing even a bit of it!!!So this recipe was a kind of experiment for my afternoon tea. I found it a bit too sweet for my taste, but can occasionally have this filling drink on some lazy afternoon especially when…


Wheat wraps with vegetable filling recipe – healthy and quick snack

My friend got lot of these wheat wraps from Mustafa and distributed it among all our friends.Few ideas were given on the packet of the wraps on how to use them. It said that it could be used directly as it was slightly precooked. It could be even be torn to small pieces and added to milk and taken like cereals. I was wondering how to use them and it was nearing the expiry date. One day , my hubby came home early and was hungry and wanted some quick snack. An idea struck me and I made a filling…


Microwave chocolate cake- in 5 minutes

Long time since I baked a cake in my microwave. When I bought the microwave in the beginning of his year, I had tried many cakes including the carrot apple cake and eggless chocolate cake. And then when we shifted to a new house, I got an in built oven. So I started baking using the oven and got good results. I got addicted to the oven and forgot all about baking in the microwave. Later some friends wanted to know about baking in the microwave and so requested recipe for it. So I made a small cake in a…


Lauki/doodhi/bottlegourd paratha and microwave lauki kheer – bottle gourd recipes

I was never too fond of bottlegourd until I tasted the parathas our Maharashtrian friend made for us one evening. It is a regular thing at my place now. It tastes delicious, easy to make, less time consuming and taken with spicy curds/raitha. Doodhi/lauki /bottlegourd paratha – Kheer with bottlegourd?? yes …indeed..I saw this recipe in Tarla dalal’s book on microwave cooking. And made this in the microwave. It was creamy and delicious, a hit at my place. Microwave Doodhi kheer- Both this dishes goes to VoW bottlegourd , a monthly event hosted by Pooja of My creative ideas.


Microwave eggless cake recipe

Last tuesday was our wedding anniversary. So I decided to bake a cake. I really don’t get enough time for making cakes often, though I want to(mainly to improve my baking skills:o)),and hence I am in lookout for such occasions. And the microwave cake took just a few minutes. I took the recipe for the cake from here. I just made minor changes Cake really tasted good. It was quite spongy and moist too. Keep checking in between, when the cake is getting microwaved. Overdoing may cause the cake to get hard.


Green peas dhokla – microwave version-Tarla dalal recipe

I have never tried making dhoklas, though I wanted to make it from a very long time. When the microwave event was announced this month, the theme being steamed foods, I decided to try this dhoklas which I found in Tarla Dalal’s microwave cooking. The addition of green peas made it nutritious.It was easy to make requiring very less preparation time. Though it did not come out very fluffy, it was soft and tasted delicious and had authentic flavour. This goes to Srivalli’s MEC- Steamed dishes.