millet cookies

Millet cookies/millet nankhatai

The flour is not at all coarse and is quite smooth and powdery which I thought will be quite ideal in baking. I have tried brownies with them. It tasted good but I still need to adjust the ingredients to make them blogworthy. But the cookies which I made similar to our Indian nankhatai turned out very good.

orange marmalade brownies

Orange marmalade brownies

I have used some jowar/sorghum flour of which I had some in the freezer. I wanted to use something healthy and thinking of whole wheat flour or oats, I finally decided to make with millet. You can try using any kind of millet flour. I have not tried but am sure it would work as long as there is chocolate in it. You can even use whole wheat flour instead of maida. The texture would be a bit more chewy in that case. And please feel free to use any kind of sugar you have. I have used orange marmalade here . I have always loved the combination of orange and chocolate.


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