Mint peas pulao recipe – pudina matar pulao- easy pressure cooker rice recipes

As I cook early in the morning to pack the lunch box for my hubby, such rice varieties is really easy to make and also very convenient for carrying. So I do make different rice varieties playing with different ingredients and the pressure cooker really comes in handy everyday. So in this recipe I decided to make the peas pulao by adding the mint to make it more flavourful. I usually make it mild as my family likes it that way. But you can make it more spicy by adding more chillies and garam masala etc. Or you can even…


How to make Green chutney – Mint coriander chutney recipe – Basic kitchen requirements

A friend of mine makes this often. She had once made this for a get together as one of the side dishes and I asked for the recipe. I have also made this a couple of times(infact whenver I buy the coriander leaves and mint leaves) by now and use it in different preparations too. I once made a dal with it(recipe coming soon. ) I also add it in my pulao for the extra flavour. I just serve it with rotis along with subji and dal as an extra side dish. It tastes even good with our curd rice….


Vegetable pulao recipe- step by step process

I make vegetable pulao almost every fortnight with all the vegetables I have in stock at the moment, its usually with leftover vegetables.It use to be a rare thing in our homes when we were kids. It was a kind of special food reserved during holidays or when guests come over. Lot of efforts were taken to make this. Cashews were roasted and added. Spices used to be freshly ground. Proper side dishes along with chips, papads, pickles were present. Sometime even vadaams were fried.We grew up to like pulao and then it was made quite frequently. It became a…


Minty potato raita/aloo raitha/pachadi

I try to make it a point to include salads /raw vegetables in our diet. Mostly it is carrots and cucumbers. But once in a while I make raitas or yogurt based salads. I had tasted potato salads at some parties along with starters and chaats and I had always loved the taste and wanted to make them at home. Mints and potato was a interesting combination. I served this with some pulao. But I love raitas with rotis too.


Pudina kothamalli thuvaiyal – Chutney with mint and coriander

I often make this especially when I have a bunch of fresh coriander leaves. This time, I had some mint leaves too which was a special bonus and I decided to go ahead making this chutney which I just love with any rice variety. I sometimes make it less spicy into a fine chutney , the recipe for which I have already posted here .But this time, I made a drier version of this so that I could refrigerate and use it for a couple of days. This makes a excellent pickle/side dish along with rasam and rice.


Mint tea/ pudina chai

It has been raining incessantly for two days here forcing us to stay indoors in the weekend. It was a little boring, but it was fun too as we could just laze around, a luxury we cant afford to do during the week days. We enjoyed watching movies and eating some yummy food along with cuppa chai which was a bliss for this kind of weather. I hope the weather is okay by tomorrow and we are able to enjoy a sunny day and get back to the usual routine. Until then , lets go to the recipe for mint…


Minty fritters – Baked savoury recipes

The other day when I was making pudina parathas for dinner, an idea to make this savoury struck me. Actually when I was kneading the dough, the aroma that filled the air in the kitchen reminded me of the Indian sweet marts where one can find maida papdis(mathri-indian savoury). So, I kept a small portion of the dough to make them. So, as I used the same dough ,you can guess that this is made with whole wheat. I generally try to avoid deep frying , so I baked them. So this healthy munchies is ready in minutes. It was…