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Filipino fruit salad recipe – easy dessert recipes

Wish all the readers of Creative Saga a wonderful new year. Hope you all had a beautiful celebration on the new years eve. Hope you have taken new year resolutions of eating healthy,excercise and losing a few pounds this year!!! All the best to you all to keep up with the resolutions. I tasted this kind of fruit salad at a friends place during her son’s birthday party. Actually her filipino help had made this salad. It tasted really delicious and I decided to make it one day for my family. A couple of years back, another friend had made…


Pineapple raitha recipe – Easy Side dishes for pulao and biryani

This is one fruit which really fascinates me. I used to love pineapple juices and milkshakes when we used to go out during my college days. Nowadays I buy them whenever I can. My kiddo loves to eat them as such. I add them in fruit salads and custards as I make them quite often nowdays. I have used them in my bakes , but not so often and am quite tempted to do so very soon. And also there is one starter recipe which is so simple to make which I had in a restaurant couple of years ago….


Mixed fruit smoothie

Making juices ,milkshakes and smoothies has become a regular affair at my place. Everyone enjoys them.Its mostly during breakfast as most of the days, I don’t have time for a proper breakfast and this kinds of milkshakes and smoothies is really filling and healthy too!! This time it was a bit different with the addition of Ribena black current juice along with the yogurt. It had a nice sweet and tangy taste. Recipe Source- Better homes and gardens


Navrathna pulao recipe – mughlai rice recipe

This is a mughlai variety of rice which is quite rich and delicately spiced. I took the recipe from Tarla dalal’s joys of vegetarian cooking. It tasted great and the aroma was simply superb and the frangrance lasted for a long long time. Certainly will be liked by people who enjoy less spicy food.


Fruit and nut kesari- easy sweet recipes

I am bored of baking cakes? No..thats not the truth. The baking bug has bitten me. I would want to make cakes and cookies everyday. My blog seemed like some baking blog one day(I would’t mind that). Not only that , my family also got bored of eating cakes frequently. And I too needed a change.I decided to stop baking for sometime and try making other sweets and desserts. I have bookmarked so many of them. So when it was my birthday last month, I made this fruit kesari and for my hubby’s birthday last week, I made carrot halwa….