jam muffins

Jam swirled muffins recipe

It looks so appealing with the jam on the top and kids will surely enjoy them. So that day I decided to make the normal way without any healthy ingredients. I used all purpose flour and granulated white sugar. I used only half a cup of sugar and it was okay for us. There is sweetness of the jam too.


Khoya cupcakes/Mawa muffins – easy eggless muffins

I had made this muffins almost six months ago. I had got a packet of frozen khoya from mustafa last year with an intention of making some sweets for diwali , but never found the time. Finally when it was nearing the expiry date, I decided to make the muffins which I had bookmarked long ago from a few blogs. I did not want to use eggs or condensed milk in it. So I finally took a recipe from here and made some small changes in the measurements and eliminated a few ingredients.I think I baked the cake a tad more time and it sunk a little in the center. But the cake was denser as I had expected it to be just like we find in the indian bakeries. Its certainly not going to be spongy. But the cake was really good and it involves lots of calories , so I would not


Eggless Banana muffins with streusal topping – easy Baking recipes

Baking and blogging is therapeutic for me. But this is something I am doing very rarely or not as regularly as I would have liked it to be. I have a lot of baking recipes in my mind and I have also shopped for some baking products. I have a number of recipes bookmarked. I hope to do them one by one very soon. Anyway there are other things going on and I have been really busy with them. Though blogging is taking a backseat , I have been utilising my time in some other positive ways. This was one…


Eggless double chocolate whole wheat muffin recipe- Easy eggless baking recipes

We love the chocolate chip muffin available here at the supermarket and I always buy them as they are quite tempting. My kids love them too. I love the strong chocolate flavour in it and its moistness. I always wanted to make something like that at home. I found a vanilla chocolate chip muffin recipe here and made a couple of changes to make it into a chocolate muffin. It was quite delicious and quite similar to the muffin I buy at the stores. Though of course there was a slight change in the texture as I have used a…


Whole wheat oats and apple muffins – Healthy and eggless bakes

I love to have this kind of healthy muffins for mid morning or evening snacks. I always use atta, oats or other kinds of healthy flours when I am baking for such kind of regular snacking. Maida or all purpose flour is reserved for cakes during special occasions. I once made muffins using finger millet flour and my kids had them thinking it was chocolate cake. I love to use fruits in my bakes and have used apples before in my cakes. I made muffins this time and it always pairs well with some walnuts. I generally try to avoid…


Ragi muffins – finger millet muffins – easy baking recipes

Now looking at the muffin , you can say they are chocolate muffins. Isn’t it? But no, I have not added any chocolate based ingredient in it. Of course, I told my son they were chocolate muffins and he ate them happily. I have mentioned before that my son loves chocolate cakes all the time. I was a little apprehensive that he might guess that it wasn’t a chocolate one. But he totally loved it. He said it was yumm. And then my two year old loved it too and had almost half a muffin. Its quite filling too. What…