pumpkin pasta

Pumpkin pasta recipe

This time I used pumpkin. Its a very simple recipe and can be done in a few minutes. This is also an interesting way to sneak in some pumpkin in your diet especially if you are a pumpkin hater. Many people I know hate pumpkin as they find it quite sweet for their taste. But in this recipe , you actually cant guess that there is pumpkin. Also cashews gives a nice creaminess to the pasta.

sesame seeds laddoo

Til ke ladoo recipe /white sesame seeds and jaggery ladoo

Whenever I find time, I try to make some traditional snacks for them to know and enjoy atleast a few. One of these days I remembered this sesame ladoos we used to have during the winter season especially during sankranthi in maharashtra. Its very easy to put together the crushed sesame seeds and jaggery,requires less ingredients and and very less of your time,totally my kind of recipe!!!


Eggless carrot beetroot brownies

I want to spend some time doing healthy cooking and bring up some healthy baking recipes.I really hope to change their diet pattern. So that should also give me opportunity to blog more of this recipes. I have already been doing this and I keep sharing the pictures in my instagram too. So please do keep visiting and continue to encourage me with your comments.

So here comes the brownies recipe with carrots,beetroots and nuts. DO try and you will love it.


Badam aur makhana ki kheer – Almond and lotus seeds pudding – easy pudding recipes

Before you say that I have left blogging, I finally decided to do a post today. I do have a few posts in my drafts , but somehow I kept it postponing with the other activities. Its the busiest time of the year for the kids with a number of activities lined up at school which keeps all mummies on their toes. While some other things comes up along with the usual routine activities. Similarly kiddos teacher wanted a few parent volunteers for some activity in school for the SG 50 celebrations going on. All kids were given lego sets…


How to make almond butter – Almond butter recipe – Vegan recipes

Making vegan butter (though I am not a vegan) with nuts at home and using them in my bakes was in my mind for a very long time. Finally I made them with almonds and used them in my cookies and they really turned out great. My kids loved them too. I do want to try more of such recipes and will be posting them as I try. Until then try out the easy and healthy cookie recipe with this butter which I am posting soon after this one.


Indori poha recipe – Easy indian breakfast recipes

Poha has been a regular thing at my place since my childhood. Its made once or twice every week for our breakfast or sometimes even a snack. Its made so often that I never ever thought of posting it in my blog. My mother used to serve poha often garnished with some sev or grated coconut on the top. But I make it quite plain without much of the fancy ingredients and garnishings. But when I saw the recipe for indori poha in several blogs , I thought of making it that way for breakfast one day as it was…


Besan Burfi – Instant mohanthal recipe- easy diwali sweet recipes

We usually have a small get together with prayers on Thursday. So yesterday I decided to make this sweet for the prasad. As diwali is approaching next week, I thought a burfi/fudge would be apt for the occasion. This one is really easy to make and does not take a long time too. So you can make this during this festival especially if you are short of time. Here is a list of sweet recipes you can make during this diwali. And if you are really in a hurry, then I can suggest you some easy and less time consuming…


Baklava rolls recipe – Easy Sweet recipes you can try for diwali

This may not be the authentic recipe for the middle eastern delicacy Baklava. I have never tasted one or I have very faint memories of having a small piece at a friend’s place. But I really dont remember the texture and taste. But I have been seeing it in a couple of blogs for a couple of years, I have always wanted to try this. I could imagine the taste of nuts wrapped in a layer of flaky pastry sheets soaked in sugar syrup infused with lot of yummy unimaginable flavours. So I finally made it yesterday. It tasted delicious…