How to make Healthy blueberry pancakes – easy pancake recipe

Last time , it was Cool Lassie who won the giveaway and she was super excited. She has even placed her order with her 80 dollar gift card which she won from the CSN giveaway. She says that it has been like a X’mas time receiving one gifts after the another.This time, it could be you!!! Isn’t it exciting?? Do have a look at their dining room collection of casual and formal dining sets,breakfast nooks, dinette sets, dining tables, dining accessories and more. For the benefit of those people who are not aware , CSN is giant online stores which…


How to make Ragi oats dosai- easy breakfast recipes

This dosa is quite similar to the rava dosa I had posted a couple of days ago. I just played with the quantity of ingredients and added some ragi and oats to the batter to make it a tad healthier. It was also a good change from the usual dosas we have for breakfast. I find the preparation of these kinds of dosas so easy and it goes very well with the pre prepared milagai podi though I managed to serve them with tomato onion chutney. Serve hot with chutney or milagai podi.


Oats Rava Idli- Instant idli again..

I have seen this particular variety of idli in several blogs and always wanted to try the addition of oats, though I was apprehensive about how it would taste. Well, I tried it this weekend. This is an ideal recipe if you are really hungry and too lazy to cook something. Yes, it was something like that for me last weekend!!!It hardly takes a couple of minutes and then you dont have to be in the kitchen throughout. What you have to do is make the batter and just relax and watch tv or read a book and then pour…