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How to make Paneer garlic fried rice – easy paneer recipes- Easy Indian rice varieties

I had made this rice some couple of days ago for lunch one day even before Diwali. I have not really been cooking anything different after Diwali because the sweets and savouries we gorged on during that time. But I will be certainly posting some interesting recipes soon maybe in a week or two. Till then do try making this. Its really delicious. We at home love paneer a lot, so I do add them in pulao which I make frequently. I had had this rice variety in a restaurant some time ago and loved it. I served with boondi…


How to make pal payasam in a pressure cooker — Pressure cooker kheer recipe

I wanted to post this last week itself as it might have been useful for some readers who wanted to celebrate navrathri even in their busy schedules. But I have been so busy , not with navaratri infact, but with the regular activities. So one day during this 9 day festival, I made this kheer in a hurry.Yes, because this delicious dessert can be done in 5 minutes. The actual cooking time involves more than 30 minutes, but the preperation time is just 5 minutes. It does not require continuous stirring like the traditional payasam.Nevertheless, you can always make this…


How to make dal dhokli– Dal dhokli recipe

This is a popular Gujarati delicacy. My sister inspired me to try this one. We always try to keep our dinner light. So I made the delicious dal dhokli for me and my hubby. We enjoyed a bowl of this, which was quite filling , but not too heavy too. While making this one, I was reminded of a similar dish where the wheat dough is seasoned with appropriate ingredients and it actually does not have dal in it. I will post that sometime. Till that I hope you try this one and enjoy it too!! Recipe source- Show me…


Palak pulao with paneer and peas- spinach rice with cottage cheese and peas

Rice varieties are a great saviour nowadays. Its becoming a little difficult managing the house chores along with the baby. But its fun too as I try to spend lot of time with the kids. So one of these days, I made this mixed rice variety when I was debating whether to make some cumin rice and palak paneer as a side dish. But with the little time I had in hand, I decided to combine both of them. It became easier to feed my kid too as he is a really fussy eater, and this way I could make…


Methi pulao / fenugreek leaves rice recipe

This is one delicious and healthy rice recipe I have been making for years together and we all love it.It is mildly flavoured with whole spices and is so easy to prepare by just putting together all the ingredients together in a single pot and cooking up a delicious meal for a family.It goes very well with some raita or flavoured curd and some papad and chips.It can be made a little spicier with some green chillies, but we all prefer it mild.Try it and you will enjoy this healthy meal!!


Maggi noodles with tangy peas and paneer sauce

Sometimes it is really boring to cook during the weekends. During such lazy days, we usually end up eating the very popular maggi noodles. So this time, I decided to make our very own maggi with a twist. It was delicious and liked by all. Try the same sauce with any kind of noodles. Also try maggi with broccoli- Click for the recipe.


Khichdi – Rice with lentils- A treat.

While for some, khichdi may be a food for the sick, but for me and my family it is a treat. Especially khichdi when served fresh and hot, is a bliss. Yes,I am not exaggerating here. Mind you, it should not be bland , but should be a tad spicier with some ghee generously added(dont mind the calories when you want to enjoy the taste!!) and of course the last secret is the garnishing part with the red chillies.Believe me, this does enhances the taste and flavour to the so called boring khichdi!! And then some people use yellow mung…


How to make cabbage rice- easy and quick

I make varieties of rice almost with anything and everything, but am surprised that only a few have found their way to the blog. I hope to post more of them in future. This one is so simple and takes only a few minutes to make and goes well with curds or raitha.