Tofu in peanut and coconut gravy

This time decided to use peanuts and a bit of coconut milk for a different flavour. It definitely tasted delicious and went really well with the phulkas I had made for dinner. You can adjust the proportion of peanuts and coconut milk to suit your taste.


South indian mixture recipe – Diwali snack / savoury recipes

Last year , I had posted a chiwda/mixture recipe which is mostly made in Maharashtra. I find it easier to make that and have been making that almost every year during diwali. This time I asked my grandmother for diwali snacks and sweets suggestions. Among the sweets , she suggested boondi ladoo as she had taught me last year to make them. But I still dont feel confident about making them. She then asked me to try badusha. I have never made that , so I decided to make a small amount of it as it sounded a little simple…


Maharashtrian style Chiwda recipe with poha(flaked rice) and murmura(puffed rice) – Diwali snack recipes

When we were in Maharashtra,people used to make huge boxes of chiwda for diwali . They were many variations of chiwda made. It used to be exclusively with puffed rice or just flaked rice. Other ingredients were excluded or added according to their choice. I am not too fond of this snack, but neither can I stop polishing off the bowl if served to me. Its a quite addictive tea time snack. I especially love the poona variety which is made out potatos or even the Nashik ones which is a spicy flaked rice mixture. When I was in India…


Onion tomato gothsu recipe – Side dish for idli,dosa and pongal

At my place, tomato gothsu or kathrikkai/brinjal gothsu is made along with pongal. I have made this a couple of times though not frequently. I was really wondering what to make for dinner one night. I was in no mood to make chapatis which I usually make for dinner almost everyday.I had some idli batter left and decided to go ahead with some kancheepuram idlis and some gothsu to go with it. It made a good combination. It is really easy to make and is ready in minutes.Next time, when you don’t have much time for a side dish for…


Peanut chaat /peanut salad recipe

I made this during the weekend when we all felt like eating something spicy. Infact we were watching a movie that time and I needed to make something really quick. I just had to pressure cook the peanuts as we do for the chundals and throw in some spice powders along with some chopped onions and tomatoes. Hardly a recipe, so I just clicked the pictures of the final product. It was just delicious. A fuss free recipe, where I could do the things during the break without missing the movie!!! Notes-


Carrot cabbage salad/raitha/Koshimbir

After ranting in each of my posts on salads about including it in our daily menu, I have finally managed to do so successfully to some extent. So this is one method which I have tried with various vegetables and we have been liking it a lot. I had had this cabbage koshimbir for the first time in a get together at a friend’s place who is a Maharashtrian. I had promptly taken the recipe that time though I took ages to make it.The important inclusion in this are the peanuts which gives a nice nutty taste to the salad….