red chilli pickle

Red chilly pickle recipe

Garlic ,tamarind and jaggery is added to suppress the pungent fiery taste of the red chillies. But it is still very spicy. I love to have it with my curd rice , chapatis or dosas sometimes.


Gooseberry/nellikai/awla pickle recipe

I am not a big fan of pickles.But I do love to make instant ones with raw mangoes or gooseberries/amla or even some vegetables.I had once tasted with carrots at my friend’s place at Aurangabad. I had noted down the recipe and promptly kept with my other recipe books. I had got some gooseberries recently and was looking for a recipe when I remembered this carrot pickle recipe. I found it hidden in my recipe book. I followed the same for the gooseberries. It was quite good and went very well with chapatis , khichdi ,curd rice etc. The good…


Pudina kothamalli thuvaiyal – Chutney with mint and coriander

I often make this especially when I have a bunch of fresh coriander leaves. This time, I had some mint leaves too which was a special bonus and I decided to go ahead making this chutney which I just love with any rice variety. I sometimes make it less spicy into a fine chutney , the recipe for which I have already posted here .But this time, I made a drier version of this so that I could refrigerate and use it for a couple of days. This makes a excellent pickle/side dish along with rasam and rice.


Vengaya/Onion thokku

Thokku is a kind of pickle where the vegetable/fruit is mashed well, cooked in oil and seasoned with suitable spices. Raw mango and tomato thokku are the most popular forms of thokku. The ‘grand sweets ‘ thokku varieties has become so popular these days. They are so irresistable and the favourite at our place is their onion thokku. I tried to recreate something similar. We enjoyed it with rice, chapatis ,dosas and everything else. So I think I was certainly successful to some extent. Try it and you will fall in love with it just like us.


Nellikai thokku/gooseberry pickle

I was doubtful whether I could send my entry for the AFAM-gooseberry this month. Gooseberries are available only in the Indian stores and I had no plans and time to go to the stores this month. I looked for them in other local shops,but could not find them. But due to some reasons, I had to go to Mustafa(Indian shop) and could get the gooseberries. I had never tried making anything with gooseberries. I was wondering what to make with them. I was very fond of Awle ka murabba, my mom had made once. I had also tasted awla supari…


Orange chutney/pickle!!

I have been craving for a particular taste and it will be very difficult for me to explain that. It was a kind of spicy, tangy and sour taste. And that is how this orange chutney or pickle came into existence. I had one orange sitting in my fridge for a long time. I was not sure what to do with it. Suddenly yesterday when I wanted something which would taste as I have mentioned above , I thought why not a pickle. So after some browsing, I did find some interesting recipes. I found most of the recipes included…