Vegetable pulao recipe- step by step process

I make vegetable pulao almost every fortnight with all the vegetables I have in stock at the moment, its usually with leftover vegetables.It use to be a rare thing in our homes when we were kids. It was a kind of special food reserved during holidays or when guests come over. Lot of efforts were taken to make this. Cashews were roasted and added. Spices used to be freshly ground. Proper side dishes along with chips, papads, pickles were present. Sometime even vadaams were fried.We grew up to like pulao and then it was made quite frequently. It became a…


Peanut chaat /peanut salad recipe

I made this during the weekend when we all felt like eating something spicy. Infact we were watching a movie that time and I needed to make something really quick. I just had to pressure cook the peanuts as we do for the chundals and throw in some spice powders along with some chopped onions and tomatoes. Hardly a recipe, so I just clicked the pictures of the final product. It was just delicious. A fuss free recipe, where I could do the things during the break without missing the movie!!! Notes-


Baby potato biryani recipe

Another rice variety which I wanted to make since a very long time as I am quite fond of the cute little potatoes. Biryani usually consumes lot of time and I was waiting for the opportunity and finally could make it last weekend. I used the similar recipe as I do with the vegetable biryani. But this time I added a green paste made with mint and coriander. Mint leaves imparts a wonderful flavour to the rice. Method- Wash the rice properly.


Bread pakoda

It will sound funny , but its true that I have been craving for these bread pakodas when I saw them being happily relished by two happy girls in a hindi serial telecasted in an Indian channel.Many weekends flew by before I finally managed to make them finally. I have had this so many times in my school canteen. But then I don’t really remember having them after that. I was actually reminded of this when I saw it on the television. They were really delicious and my hubby and kiddo enjoyed them too!!!


Baked Veg. Lasagna- – S/S pictures

We had tasted lasagna for the first time during our trip to Bintan where we had very little vegetarian options. But then enjoyed the vegetarian lasagna to the core. After that we had this during couple of occasions and I was looking forward to try this at home. I had got these lasagna sheets from Giants supermarket long time ago. A recipe using non vegetarian sauce was mentioned on the box and hence I was looking for a vegetarian recipe. I found one in Tarla Dalal ‘s book and the recipe seemed to be a easy one. I have made…


Bombay sandwich / vegetable cheese sandwich- S/S pictures

Though I have visited Mumbai a couple of times, I have never got to taste its street food which is so popular especially the pulao and pav bhaji. I recently heard about this sandwich from a friend who makes this quite regularly at her home. I took the recipe from her and made it one day. It was a filling meal with loads of vegetables. The cheese and the ‘masala’ is considered to be the key ingredient in this as told by my friend. There is an interesting article on “making of a Bombay sandwich” here. Take two slices of…


Minty potato raita/aloo raitha/pachadi

I try to make it a point to include salads /raw vegetables in our diet. Mostly it is carrots and cucumbers. But once in a while I make raitas or yogurt based salads. I had tasted potato salads at some parties along with starters and chaats and I had always loved the taste and wanted to make them at home. Mints and potato was a interesting combination. I served this with some pulao. But I love raitas with rotis too.


Raagi and sweet potato pooris

School holidays are going on. We have taken a break from the the usual routine of waking up early and the same usual food of rice and dal for lunch and paratas for dinner etc. Its bit difficult to keep the kids engaged during the holidays, but I do find myself having some time left even after the usual chores. So you can find me posting more often nowadays.I have been doing a bit of baking too and also whipping up some yummy food for my kiddo. One more week left and the school reopens and I do have more…


Vegetable paratha

This is a great food for kids and kids really enjoy having this hot maybe along with some tomato ketchup. You can add your choice of vegetables to the paratas taking care how you process it before you stuff into the paratas. You can use shredded cabbage or grated cauliflower along with cooked and mashed peas and paneer. I sometimes cook most of the vegetables in the cooker, and add the appropriate spices before stuffing them into the paratas. Just ensure that the stuffing is dry so that you don’t end up with messy paratas!!Paratas do make a very filling…


Dum aloo recipe

I am sure everyone loves potatoes and there are infinite ways of consuming this particular vegetable. How versatile it is!!Whichever way you make it, its always tasty.Infact it makes even boring vegetables edible when combined with them. But believe it or not , potato is something which I don’t use too frequently. I do try to make a veggie , say twice or thrice a month.But I sure am attracted with the baby sized potatoes and buy them whenever I find them. So this time, I made the ever famous dum aloo and everyone just loved them. I served them…