pumpkin pasta

Pumpkin pasta recipe

This time I used pumpkin. Its a very simple recipe and can be done in a few minutes. This is also an interesting way to sneak in some pumpkin in your diet especially if you are a pumpkin hater. Many people I know hate pumpkin as they find it quite sweet for their taste. But in this recipe , you actually cant guess that there is pumpkin. Also cashews gives a nice creaminess to the pasta.


Tirunelveli ashgourd and curd curry recipe – Vella pooshnikai morkuzhumbu

I love some of the traditional Tamilnadu recipes especially their kootus and curries.I don’t make it very often as we have a very simple lunch of chapati ,curry, rice and dal everyday and for dinner , I make some kind of tiffin/snacks. But during weekends, I try to make some traditional recipes like avial or usili curry or poricha kuzhumbu which involves coconut and grinding of spices etc. A couple of months back when I had thesurgery, my dad had come here. He wanted to help me with cooking that time. I had then, recently got a traditional south Indian…


Eggless chocolate cake recipe- using pumpkin puree- Chocolate pumpkin cake

I love baking, especially cakes. Thinking of the number of calories which goes into a cake, I don’t bake much nowadays. But its too tempting to resist a chocolate cake once in a while. Recently, I came across a healthy dessert blog called chocolate covered Katie. I spent so much time going through the blog and this chocolate cake really surprised me. The original recipe actually used frozen cauliflower. It was suggested that pumpkin could also be used instead of cauliflower. I had some pumpkin and I decided to go ahead with the recipe. I made some changes to the…


Pumpkin curry with coconut milk recipe | Side dish for chapatis or rice

Many people I met hate pumpkin as its quite sweet to taste.But I love this vegetable because no matter how spicy you make it, it tastes really good according to me. You can be quite generous with the green chillies you add because it gives an appropriate spiciness to the pumpkin. I had seen this recipe in a Sanjeev kapoor cooker show many years back. I had noted down the recipe and its very similar to the south Indianolan sans the lentils. I wouldn’t say this is the best dish with pumpkin but it tasted good. I served with some…


Pumpkin soup or shorba

I have generally seen recipes where the pumpkin is roasted and then pureed to the soup along with the appropriate spices. It tastes nice. But I found a different recipe here. It sounded quite different along with the Indian spices and a tangy juice. I decided to try it and it tasted really good and different. Try it sometime if you are bored of the similar flavoured usual soups. I am sure you will love it. Do check out what my marathon buddies have cooked today- Diabetes Diet/Management: Srivalli,Champa,Harini,PJ Kid Friendly Recipes: Kalyani,Shylaja,Veena


Pumpkin Raitha recipe – pumpkin recipes

I have a few Indian friends in my neighbourhood. We meet each other every evening in a nearby park. We have a chat while our kids play in the park. So evenings are real fun here. In those chats , we discuss recipes too and get lot of tips from each other. We especially discuss recipes which are easy to make and requires less time(probably because everyone is frustrated about what to cook everyday!!!the same old story!!!). So this easy raitha with pumpkin came up during one of those chats. Indeed,its a really easy one. And it goes well with…


Pumpkin Bread

After baking so many breads now, I feel quite confident of exploring into other aspects of bread making. Yes there is so much about breads. There are so many varieties of bread, the shapes and colours and incorporation of so many other ingredients to make them more better. So I decided to start with pumpkin bread about which I read in many sites and wanted to try it. So I decided to add the ingredients of my choice along with pureed pumpkin to make this one. It really came out perfect and tasted good too, mildly sweet. I really adore…


Pumpkin halwa – quick dessert recipes

I first tasted this sweet during my cousin’s wedding and since then I have seen this in most of the tamil wedding parties. I had little pumpkin left after using it for a subji. So thought of trying this.It was so easy to make, took very less time and tasted really good. My hubby simply loved it. And now about the award. I am so thrilled to receive the “nice matters award” from Swati raman garg of Chatkhor. It says “Nice Matters Award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings…


Olan recipe -A kerala cuisine.

Our native place is Tirunelveli , a beautiful place in Tamilnadu. It is located very near to kerala. So we have imbibed many cuisines of kerala, one of them being olan made with pumpkin. Olan can be a wonderful side dish with rice and sambar.This is how I make olan.