Sweet ragi appam recipe – Ragi paniyaram – Prasadam for Ganesh chathurthi

“A very happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all the readers of Creative Saga. ” I was thinking of posting this one atleast a few days before the Ganesh Chaturthi , but other priorities kept me away from blogging. But anyway with so many festivals approaching, you can try this one sometime.I actually made them during Janmashtami. Alternatively, you can also make them for your breakfast or your evening time snack. Its quite healthy and so you can make them once in a while for your kids too as they are really delicious!! I have used just some sprouted ragi flour without…


Ragi muffins – finger millet muffins – easy baking recipes

Now looking at the muffin , you can say they are chocolate muffins. Isn’t it? But no, I have not added any chocolate based ingredient in it. Of course, I told my son they were chocolate muffins and he ate them happily. I have mentioned before that my son loves chocolate cakes all the time. I was a little apprehensive that he might guess that it wasn’t a chocolate one. But he totally loved it. He said it was yumm. And then my two year old loved it too and had almost half a muffin. Its quite filling too. What…


Raagi laddoo /sweetened finger millet flour balls recipe

I am really sorry to have suddenly disappeared from the blogosphere for a very long time and that too unannounced. Some health issues in the beginning and then my laziness took over and I found it hard coming back to blog. Though let me tell you that I have been visiting your blogs whenever possible. I am sorry not to have replied to some of your mails regarding my absense, but I am really touched with your concern. I have not been cooking anything great and even I have been , I was too busy to take pictures. But when…


Raagi onion pakodas / fingermillet onion fritters

Deep fried snacks is a rare thing at my place. I do make puris atleast once in a month or two. But sometimes we do crave for these snacks along with our evening tea especially during the weekends. So I made this sometime ago during one such weekend and we really enjoyed it. I gave a small twist by adding the raagi flour to the normal onion pakodas. Don’t know how healthier a deep fried snack can get??!!But it tasted nice and was quite crispy. Even my son who is a picky eater and is very reluctant to try out…


Raagi and sweet potato pooris

School holidays are going on. We have taken a break from the the usual routine of waking up early and the same usual food of rice and dal for lunch and paratas for dinner etc. Its bit difficult to keep the kids engaged during the holidays, but I do find myself having some time left even after the usual chores. So you can find me posting more often nowadays.I have been doing a bit of baking too and also whipping up some yummy food for my kiddo. One more week left and the school reopens and I do have more…


Raagi/finger millet soup

Raagi or finger millet is the best natural source of iron and hence good for building haemoglobin. I was also advised by the doctor to take raagi as it is a very rich and readily available source of iron. I used to take a porridge made of raagi,milk and sugar almost everyday and got quite bored of the taste. But then I now occasionally enjoy this quick soup with or without the vegetables. You can also just omit the vegetables, add yogurt to the cooked raagi soup for a different taste. Source- Adige mane ruchi(with some changes)


Spinach and ragi bread

I got the idea of baking this bread when I made the spinach potato naans sometime ago. I have followed almost the same recipe just with the addition of ragi / finger millet flour to make it a more healthier. I would say it tasted nice, but not the best among all the varities of bread I have tasted.But it really tasted wonderful with some tea to go with. Do try and tell me about it. After 2 hours the dough doubles in volume. Punch the dough and knead the dough for another 4-5 minutes.


How to make Ragi oats dosai- easy breakfast recipes

This dosa is quite similar to the rava dosa I had posted a couple of days ago. I just played with the quantity of ingredients and added some ragi and oats to the batter to make it a tad healthier. It was also a good change from the usual dosas we have for breakfast. I find the preparation of these kinds of dosas so easy and it goes very well with the pre prepared milagai podi though I managed to serve them with tomato onion chutney. Serve hot with chutney or milagai podi.