Suji Pancakes -nita Mehta recipe

We had a lovely weekend at the beach this time. It felt so good playing in the water and building sand castles , going cycling along with my son who was equally excited like his parents to be there after a long time. We thoroughly enjoyed the day and by the time we returned home we were tired and hungry. I did not feel like cooking anything elaborate and was just nonchalantly flipping through Nita Mehtas cookbook for a quick recipe when I found this easy pancakes. They were easy to make, was ready in a couple of minutes and…


Rava Dosai – not the usual one!!

Remember me telling you sometime in december that I was not keeping a good health . Yes,I had had an eye inflammation and was unable to cook or do any of the chores. Thats when my kind neighbours came to my rescue!!! . During that time, one of my telegu friends made these dosas for our breakfast. It tasted really good and I asked her for the recipe. She promptly gave me the recipe and since then, this has been a regular breakfast thing at my place. It doesn’t involve a lot of preperation and is very easy to make….


Pineapple rava kesari

A very happy pongal to all the readers of Creative Saga!!! The delicious delicacy chakkarai pongal or sweet pongal which is made for the festival was already posted last year. So , I decided to celebrate pongal in Creative saga with the ever delightful pineapple kesari. This recipe is almost similar to fruit kesari which I have posted long ago. But this one is exclusively with the pineapple and its flavour. It tastes awesome and one with a sweet tooth cannot just stop eating this one. You have to try it to believe me!!!So here goes the recipe.


Oats Rava Idli- Instant idli again..

I have seen this particular variety of idli in several blogs and always wanted to try the addition of oats, though I was apprehensive about how it would taste. Well, I tried it this weekend. This is an ideal recipe if you are really hungry and too lazy to cook something. Yes, it was something like that for me last weekend!!!It hardly takes a couple of minutes and then you dont have to be in the kitchen throughout. What you have to do is make the batter and just relax and watch tv or read a book and then pour…


Pesarattu with upma -easy breakfast recipes

Pesarattu is a very popular breakfast in South India. But Pesarattu with upma is a popular delicacy in Andhra pradesh. This recipe was given to me by a telugu friend. This is a healthy and filling breakfast, could be eaten as a brunch. Pesarattu dosa is made with mung dal and could be made more healthier with sprouted mung dal. And the upma I made is using tomato which is also popular in Andhra as tomato baath. The pesarattu stuffed with upma tastes its best with coconut chutney.


Happy new year and a simple tamil lunch!!

A very happy new year(according to tamil calender)/happy Chitra Vishu to all the readers of creative Saga!! Chitra vishu is the tamil new year which falls on the first of chitrai month according to the tamil calender ..i.e on 14th of April. As a general practice ,on this day, the first thing we do is to worship the god where lots of fruits and vegetables ,rice and cereals as well as money and gold are displayed in front of a mirror by one of the elders in the house and one is supposed to see the reflection of all these…


Ravai payasam/kheer or semolina pudding recipe

Ravai/rava/semolina is something which is commonly used almost everyday in sweets and savouries. Sheera/kesari is one sweet made in jiffy. But I had never tried making payasam with rava. It was my dad’s birthday beginning of this month and I was wondering what to make. I did not feel like baking that day and dad loves Indian sweets most of the times. So then I made this one. It tasted great and is very easy and quick to make. You can make these delicious dessert when you have guests for dinner.


Rava Semiya Idli

Though being a south Indian, idli is something I make very rarely as we are not too fond of it. Whereas idlis with rava or rava and semiya is liked and enjoyed by everyone at home and I make it quite regularly too. It is less time consuming and does not require a longer fermentation period. This is a instant snack and can be easily prepared when you have guests.


Semolina bread

Bread with semolina, I was quite surprised when I saw in Anudivya’s blog few days back. The post was wonderful with lovely pictures and a detailed procedure. It sounded quite easy and I decided to make it. I have seen the semolina flour at the local grocery stores. It is a very fine powder and am sure that would yield very good results. But I used the normal semolina/rava bought from the indian grocery stores which was readily available with me that time. It was granulated and not a very fine powder. So I grinded it in a mixer to…


Fruit and nut kesari- easy sweet recipes

I am bored of baking cakes? No..thats not the truth. The baking bug has bitten me. I would want to make cakes and cookies everyday. My blog seemed like some baking blog one day(I would’t mind that). Not only that , my family also got bored of eating cakes frequently. And I too needed a change.I decided to stop baking for sometime and try making other sweets and desserts. I have bookmarked so many of them. So when it was my birthday last month, I made this fruit kesari and for my hubby’s birthday last week, I made carrot halwa….