Easy and quick pomegranate smoothie

I had made this smoothie few months ago when I had bought some pomegranates which were not at all sweet. My kids love pomegranate. But this particular variety which I had got from the supermarket were huge and looked juicy with a beautiful red colour. But they were not sweet at all. So I decided to make a smoothie. I and my hubby had it for breakfast . It was yummy and filling too!! It was a good way of using up the fruits.


Mango cardamom lassi recipe – easy mango recipes

We usually love to have salted buttermilk after dinner. Lassi is reserved during some rare occasions. But lassi with mango is inevitable during the season where mango is available in abundance. I had mango lassi for the first time when I came to Singapore. It has been my hubby’s favourite for several years. He never misses an opportunity to order this if it is available. I make this only with fresh mangoes every year. I rarely buy the readymade mango pulp. But somehow I have never posted it when I posted some delicious mango recipes every year. So I thought…


Avacado smoothie recipe – Sugarless and healthy

Avacado has become an essential part of our diet now. I buy it almost everytime I visit the supermarket. I usually make a salad with it. My hubby and me have add avocado smoothie a couple of times and we have really loved it. I wanted to try this at home from a long time. I made this last week during breakfast. A slice of bread and avocado smoothie kept us full almost until we had a light lunch later in the day. We did not even crave for mid morning snacks. I do hope you try this , you…


Mixed fruit smoothie

Making juices ,milkshakes and smoothies has become a regular affair at my place. Everyone enjoys them.Its mostly during breakfast as most of the days, I don’t have time for a proper breakfast and this kinds of milkshakes and smoothies is really filling and healthy too!! This time it was a bit different with the addition of Ribena black current juice along with the yogurt. It had a nice sweet and tangy taste. Recipe Source- Better homes and gardens


Strawberry oatmeal breakfast smoothie

This is one filling smoothie especially when you dont have the time to make a elaborate breakfast early morning. It is a very versatile recipe and you can make with the available fruits and other ingredients. I will be posting my other variations soon. This can also be made one day earlier to save your time in the morning. It really makes a delicious ,filling and nutritious breakfast. Do try it!! Recipe courtesy- Adapted from Susi kochen Und Backen adventure


Paneer tikka recipe with berries smoothie recipe!!!

Paneer Tikka Paneer has always been a favourite and I do have a couple of paneer dishes in this blog. I got these skewers long back only with the idea of making paneer tikka and finally used them last week. I got the basic idea of the recipe from Divya’s blog. We enjoyed them a lot, though my hubby said that I should have used only paneer and avoided the other veges , that would have tasted much better!!! Berries smoothie I am always tempted to buy the blueberries when I see them in the supermarket. But then its always…