rava pakoda

Rava pakoda recipe

I do wish to come back to regular blogging but it really seems quite impossible these day as the routine work takes up all the time. Weekdays are very tiring and weekends are for relaxing so that we can regain the energy and be ready for the next weeks haul. […]


Healthy Aloo channa chaat recipe

Chaat is a favourite at home. We all enjoy it and I do try to make it quite often with whatever ingredients I have in hand. So there is nothing of a compulsion except for a few ingredients which are readilly available. You can just proceed with whatever you have like puffed rice, store bought chiwda, sev,boondi, peanuts ,spicy dals. Mix them with onion and tomatoes. Pour in some sauces and chutneys and your chaat is ready.


Vegetable brown rice patty – easy wholemeal ideas

My son often has stayback after school on certain days. So I need to pack an extra tiffin box on such days. He hardly gets 15 minutes for eating before the class begins. He eats very slowly and so I usually pack something which can be easily and quickly eaten. Generally I make stuffed parathas and roll it up for him. So for one of these stayback days, I made some wholemeal cutlets. This recipe involves rice and vegetables and made a quick and proper lunch for my son.


Corn dhokla recipe – easy snacks recipes

I had made this some ages ago for an evening snack and we had gorged on it and loved it.I buy corn many times as my kiddo likes it. But I often forget about it leaving it in the refigerator perhaps for a fortnight. It happened this time until I finally thought of making bhutte ka kees. But thinking of the meagre amount it will be after all the process, I dropped the plan and thought of making this dhoklas. I referred to a number of recipes in the net. Nothing special about the recipe, its almost same as we…


Instant rice flour vadais – Indian deep fried snacks

I made them during the tamil new year this year.I usually dont cook a elaborate meal nowdays. But the festivals are something special and serves as an perfect excuse to serve a grand meal. However due to the lack of time in my everyday schedule, I was not prepared to cook anything elaborate. So I had not soaked lentils to make the authentic medhu vadai. But I worked really fast that day and found ample time to make some payasam ( recipe of which I will be posting later) and instant vadais. I found the recipe for the vadaishere. It…


Pasta pizza bake – easy kids snack recipes

I started doing this posts two days back and still doing it till now. Things are keeping me really busy. But as it was a public holiday yesterday , we went to a 3D art musuem and had a different and fun day . It was after a long time we went out and enjoyed ourselves. We do need this kind of breaks in between so that we get diverted from the usual routine. I do wish we had long weekends very now and then!!!! I usually make this kind of breakfasts or snacks during the school holidays. I also…


Toblerone candy shortbread recipes – easy kids recipes

The one week school holidays are almost coming to an end now. This week was the busiest and is still going to be more busy for the next few days. But I also enjoyed the time with my kids and tried spending the maximum time with them keeping them occupied with some activity or the other. And as usual, I tried to cook their favourite dishes too. I had seen this recipe in several blogs a couple of years ago. I had loved it and had wanted to try. But I could never do it as I buy chocolate rarely…