Maddur vadai – karnataka special recipe

I have tasted these vadais during my train journeys from Bangalore to Mysore. It used to taste really delicious,crunchy though a bit oily. I was looking for the recipe and I finally found it Jaya Shenoy’s Dakshin bharat dishes cook book. I made them this weekend and was really good. I am sending this to Anisheetu who is hosting SWC karnataka this month. Time for some awards- Lakshmi, Sireesha and Uma have passed me the “Brilliante Weblog award” . Thanks a lot . I am so glad to receive it.


Masala dosa recipe

Though being a southie, dosas and idlis are not a reglar feature at my place. Thats because of my laziness probably, I never bother to make the batter.But last weekend ,we decided to make dosas. So my hubby got the batter ready. I should tell the truth. He did everything while I just relaxed. We had it for our sunday lunch or brunch..whatever you call it!!! It was very delicious. This is the recipe. Ingredients- Raw rice- 2 cups Boiled rice- 1 cup Whole udid dal- 1 cup


Gobi manchurian recipe- indo chinese recipes

This indo chinese cuisine is an all time favourite at my home. This can be just had as a snack/starter or as a side dish with rotis, though I never tried making it at home. I actually wanted to make manchurian with baby corn, but somehow never found time for that. So today when I wanted to try something different with cauliflower, I thought of making this. Here’s the recipe for this.


Green peas dhokla – microwave version-Tarla dalal recipe

I have never tried making dhoklas, though I wanted to make it from a very long time. When the microwave event was announced this month, the theme being steamed foods, I decided to try this dhoklas which I found in Tarla Dalal’s microwave cooking. The addition of green peas made it nutritious.It was easy to make requiring very less preparation time. Though it did not come out very fluffy, it was soft and tasted delicious and had authentic flavour. This goes to Srivalli’s MEC- Steamed dishes.


Poha khichu – microwave recipes

After a hectic trip to India, it is being bit difficult to get back to the usual routine. So microwave is a life saver for me at present. This simple breakfast dish adapted from Tarla Dalal’s microwave cooking seems to be a variation of favourite Gujarathi delicacy usually made with rice flour.Sesame oil is used traditionally,but any other refined oil can be used. I am sending this recipe to easycrafts for WBB microwave foods.


Instant healthy dosa – Dosa recipes

I have been seeing lots of very impressive dosa varieties being posted in many blogs. After googling for some dosa recipes , I decided to combine flour,oats and carrots to make a instant mixed dosa.It tasted good and was quite filling, at the same time very healthy too. I am sending this to Srivalli’s dosa mela and also to WBB#20- balanced breakfast hosted by Mansi.


Easy bread rolls for potluck parties and get togethers

I wanted to make bread rolls since a very long time , but always thought it involved lot of work and so was very lazy to try them. I was scared of the edges not getting sealed properly and the stuffing falling out and creating a big mess. But I gave it a try and this was the result. This can be easily made for potlucks and get togethers. You can just prepare the bread and stuff them, keep them refrigerated and fry it when you want. I am sending this to Sia’s Ode to potato. Bread rolls are indeed…


Corn in potato nest- Kids recipes

This is a nice healthy snack as corn is of a high nutritious value. Addition of corn to our diet, couple of times a week has many health benefits. You can make corn more interesting especially for the kids by adding things which they love ,like I made with potatoes and cheese. If someone has better and easier idea to make the potato cups/basket, please do share with me. My potato basket did not come out that good, but it was ok as I could fill the corn in it neatly. Assembling – Fill the potato nest with corn. Add…