Soups and salads

Filipino fruit salad recipe – easy dessert recipes

Wish all the readers of Creative Saga a wonderful new year. Hope you all had a beautiful celebration on the new years eve. Hope you have taken new year resolutions of eating healthy,excercise and losing a few pounds this year!!! All the best to you all to keep up with the resolutions. I tasted this kind of fruit salad at a friends place during her son’s birthday party. Actually her filipino help had made this salad. It tasted really delicious and I decided to make it one day for my family. A couple of years back, another friend had made…


Pineapple raitha recipe – Easy Side dishes for pulao and biryani

This is one fruit which really fascinates me. I used to love pineapple juices and milkshakes when we used to go out during my college days. Nowadays I buy them whenever I can. My kiddo loves to eat them as such. I add them in fruit salads and custards as I make them quite often nowdays. I have used them in my bakes , but not so often and am quite tempted to do so very soon. And also there is one starter recipe which is so simple to make which I had in a restaurant couple of years ago….


Avacado pasta salad – easy and healthy avacado recipes

First of all ,my apologies for a late post. But this is going to be regular because I am terribly busy especially with kids. So do kindly bear with me for sometime and also do mail me what kind of recipes you would like to see in this space. Lately I have been concenterating on low fat and healthy recipes. So avocado has been a regular thing in my cooking. It has lots of health benefits. I usually make the salad sans the pasta. We have it as an extra side dish or a filling in sandwiches. But this time,…


Carrot cabbage salad/raitha/Koshimbir

After ranting in each of my posts on salads about including it in our daily menu, I have finally managed to do so successfully to some extent. So this is one method which I have tried with various vegetables and we have been liking it a lot. I had had this cabbage koshimbir for the first time in a get together at a friend’s place who is a Maharashtrian. I had promptly taken the recipe that time though I took ages to make it.The important inclusion in this are the peanuts which gives a nice nutty taste to the salad….


Minty potato raita/aloo raitha/pachadi

I try to make it a point to include salads /raw vegetables in our diet. Mostly it is carrots and cucumbers. But once in a while I make raitas or yogurt based salads. I had tasted potato salads at some parties along with starters and chaats and I had always loved the taste and wanted to make them at home. Mints and potato was a interesting combination. I served this with some pulao. But I love raitas with rotis too.


Pumpkin soup or shorba

I have generally seen recipes where the pumpkin is roasted and then pureed to the soup along with the appropriate spices. It tastes nice. But I found a different recipe here. It sounded quite different along with the Indian spices and a tangy juice. I decided to try it and it tasted really good and different. Try it sometime if you are bored of the similar flavoured usual soups. I am sure you will love it. Do check out what my marathon buddies have cooked today- Diabetes Diet/Management: Srivalli,Champa,Harini,PJ Kid Friendly Recipes: Kalyani,Shylaja,Veena


Tomato Soup

Tomato soup was the first and only soup( of course after rasam) that I have tasted during my early childhood.We used to love this soup along with some warm toasted bread. We later got introduced to other fancy soups. But this still continues to be my favourite among all the other soups. And now I have seen, though I try to feed different varieties of soups to my kid, he loves only the mildly tangy tomato soup with the cream and croutons. The good old tomato soup!!!


Raagi/finger millet soup

Raagi or finger millet is the best natural source of iron and hence good for building haemoglobin. I was also advised by the doctor to take raagi as it is a very rich and readily available source of iron. I used to take a porridge made of raagi,milk and sugar almost everyday and got quite bored of the taste. But then I now occasionally enjoy this quick soup with or without the vegetables. You can also just omit the vegetables, add yogurt to the cooked raagi soup for a different taste. Source- Adige mane ruchi(with some changes)


Wheat berry and lentil clear soup

When my grandmom made the popular tirunelveli halwa for creative saga during my trip to India, she also gave me a bag of wheat berries asking me to try making it again when I go back to Singapore. But unfortunately that never happened. The bag was lying in a corner of my freezer begging to be used. So now when the blogging marathon is happening, the idea of making soup with it struck me as I am trying to use unusual and new ingredients for the soup to make the event more meaningful and interesting.I browsed the net to see…


Leek and carrot soup

The traditional leek and potato soup is a popular recipe with the leeks. But as I had just paired potato and watercress here, I decided to go for a different combination. Thus this soup with leek and carrots. I actually loved the slight pungent smell of leeks when cooking and I knew the soup was going to be spicy and delicious and certainly healthy with the carrots. I loved the addition of white pepper for the mild heat. On the whole , we loved the simple and hearty soup. Do check out what my marathon buddies have cooked today- Diabetes…