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Masala lemon rice

Masala lemon rice recipe

This is a very easy recipe and its my go to recipe whenever I don’t have much time for cooking. This does not really require any side dish as such though you can serve a side dish of your choice if you like it that way. Papads or chips should be a good choice to serve with too!


Instant rice flour vadais – Indian deep fried snacks

I made them during the tamil new year this year.I usually dont cook a elaborate meal nowdays. But the festivals are something special and serves as an perfect excuse to serve a grand meal. However due to the lack of time in my everyday schedule, I was not prepared to cook anything elaborate. So I had not soaked lentils to make the authentic medhu vadai. But I worked really fast that day and found ample time to make some payasam ( recipe of which I will be posting later) and instant vadais. I found the recipe for the vadaishere. It…


Paruppu podi recipe – Lentil powder for rice

Paruppu podi/ spicy powder with lentil is made quite often at my place since my childhood. It was definitely made for my dad when we(my mom, sis and me) went to our native place during our vacations. It came in really handy during dinner when my dad used to just cook some rice and had it with this powder. I have made it only once since my marriage and somehow this was never my favourite. But when my grandmom send a packet of this a couple of months back, my son had it once and got addicted to this podi….


Tirunelveli ashgourd and curd curry recipe – Vella pooshnikai morkuzhumbu

I love some of the traditional Tamilnadu recipes especially their kootus and curries.I don’t make it very often as we have a very simple lunch of chapati ,curry, rice and dal everyday and for dinner , I make some kind of tiffin/snacks. But during weekends, I try to make some traditional recipes like avial or usili curry or poricha kuzhumbu which involves coconut and grinding of spices etc. A couple of months back when I had thesurgery, my dad had come here. He wanted to help me with cooking that time. I had then, recently got a traditional south Indian…


Paneer and small onion in southindian tamarind based gravy – Side dish for rotis and rice

Whenever I make arachuvitta sambar or the paste for vathakuzhumbu , I always think of trying out a fusion variety with paneer ,mushrooms or tofu added into the same gravy /kuzhumbu. This would make a different and delicious side dish for rice and rotis. So I finally tried it one day and it tasted really delicious. I made it with paneer , but am sure you can add in some fresh mushrooms and tofu and some peas too. I had it with phulkas , but my hubby insisted that I make some steamed rice or cumin rice for this gravy…


South indian mixture recipe – Diwali snack / savoury recipes

Last year , I had posted a chiwda/mixture recipe which is mostly made in Maharashtra. I find it easier to make that and have been making that almost every year during diwali. This time I asked my grandmother for diwali snacks and sweets suggestions. Among the sweets , she suggested boondi ladoo as she had taught me last year to make them. But I still dont feel confident about making them. She then asked me to try badusha. I have never made that , so I decided to make a small amount of it as it sounded a little simple…


Nellikai saadam- Gooseberry rice – south indian rice recipes

I made this prior to the Tamil new year and wanted to post it before the new year, but somehow could not mange to do so. I usually make some rice variety along with some sweets. Last year we had the Karnataka style raw mango rice. I wanted to try this rice variety with gooseberries since a long time. It was really delicious and tasted like mango rice or lemon rice. I generally make pickles with gooseberries and I do want to try other recipes with it too. There are many recipes with it which I have tasted before ,…


Kalkandu saadam recipe- Sweet rice recipes

Happy Navratri to all my lovely readers and blogger friends!! This is a traditional dish in Tamilnadu. I am posting this as Navaratri begins today. You can also try this delicious sweet along with some savoury chundal when you invite your friends over for golu . I had made this during a religious get together few days ago.Everyone liked it including the kids. Hope you try and enjoy this one!! See other Prasadam recipes here.


Chinna vengaya vathakuzhumbu recipe | Tamil lunch recipes

I have another recipe for vathakuzhumbu in this space. That is the recipe which I got from my grandmon and at our place ,we usually follow that recipe which uses tomatoes and seriously love its taste. My hubby also likes the taste and that method of preperation was quite new to him and many other relatives and friends who have had this. Do check it out here. When I had been to Bangalore this time, my sister’s mother in law made this vethakuzhumbu using small sambar onions. The method of preperation was little different and we loved this one too….