mango smoothie breakfast bowl

Mango breakfast smoothie bowl recipe

It feels so good to blog after a small silence. Last week had been busy and the couple of hours per week,I usually keep aside for my blogging work was utilized to create a new look for my blog. Yes, after reverting to a new hosting early this year, I […]


Eggless strawberry custard powder snack cake

The most important thing I liked about this cake is the beautiful aroma. It smells heavenly all the while, right from when you add the custard powder ,when the cake is getting baked and served. I really loved the bubble gum like smell. Yumm. This is a very simple one,very easy to put together the ingredients, an one bowl recipe. The cake was really soft and spongy and it tasted really delicious. Recipe courtesy- My diverse kitchen


Mixed fruit smoothie

Making juices ,milkshakes and smoothies has become a regular affair at my place. Everyone enjoys them.Its mostly during breakfast as most of the days, I don’t have time for a proper breakfast and this kinds of milkshakes and smoothies is really filling and healthy too!! This time it was a bit different with the addition of Ribena black current juice along with the yogurt. It had a nice sweet and tangy taste. Recipe Source- Better homes and gardens


Strawberry oatmeal breakfast smoothie

This is one filling smoothie especially when you dont have the time to make a elaborate breakfast early morning. It is a very versatile recipe and you can make with the available fruits and other ingredients. I will be posting my other variations soon. This can also be made one day earlier to save your time in the morning. It really makes a delicious ,filling and nutritious breakfast. Do try it!! Recipe courtesy- Adapted from Susi kochen Und Backen adventure


Strawberry mini muffins

My kid loves strawberries and always picks them up when he comes to shopping with us. And baking something with strawberries was in my mind for sometime though I had something else in my mind about making it eggless and using flax seeds etc. I casually mentioned it to my son and he asked me to bake small muffins like the chocolate ones I had baked few days ago. Yes, he has started demanding different kinds of snacks nowadays as if he has just realised that his mom can cook!!!So not wanting to waste more time on deciding an eggless…


Chocolate heart cake – Simple cake on our Anniversary

Yes it was our wedding anniversary last week. This time I planned the cake a little in advance and got the things on time and decided the recipe. Thats most unlike me because I do most of my cooking or baking at the last minute. I realise that I have run out of sugar or flour when I have almost started with the preperations. I wish I am more organised in this aspect. Okay now to the recipe, I finalised on the simple fatless chocolate sponge recipe from Tarla dalal’s the joys of vegetarian cooking .I had my own silly…


Peanut butter bars with strawberry jam and muesli!!

There are days, okay, its almost everyday when I get the urge to bake something. But then I refrain myself from baking thinking of the calories involved in it and after all who is going to consume all the bakes everyday!! But then there are some baking recipes which I keep bookmarking each day when I browse your lovely food blogs and then try them on a regular basis. I try to keep them more on the healthier side, and which involves less of fats and calories. So one of these days, I had an unopened bottle of peanut butter…


How to make Strawberry jam at home- Jam recipes

Berries are in plenty now and each time I visit the supermarket, the strawberries and blueberries are too tempting to resist buying them even if I know that I may not find time to use them in my cooking or baking. But I did mange to make a strawberry jam and a blueberry cake(will be posting later) and then finished a tub of blueberries by just popping a few into my mouth everytime I opened the fridge and another tub is still lying in my fridge waiting to be used in something good. I hope so!! My son loves to…


Paneer tikka recipe with berries smoothie recipe!!!

Paneer Tikka Paneer has always been a favourite and I do have a couple of paneer dishes in this blog. I got these skewers long back only with the idea of making paneer tikka and finally used them last week. I got the basic idea of the recipe from Divya’s blog. We enjoyed them a lot, though my hubby said that I should have used only paneer and avoided the other veges , that would have tasted much better!!! Berries smoothie I am always tempted to buy the blueberries when I see them in the supermarket. But then its always…