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Healthy Aloo channa chaat recipe

Chaat is a favourite at home. We all enjoy it and I do try to make it quite often with whatever ingredients I have in hand. So there is nothing of a compulsion except for a few ingredients which are readilly available. You can just proceed with whatever you have like puffed rice, store bought chiwda, sev,boondi, peanuts ,spicy dals. Mix them with onion and tomatoes. Pour in some sauces and chutneys and your chaat is ready.


Tawa pulao- Popular Mumbai street food

I was aware of this popular street food ,but had never attempted at home. First time, I had this at my sister’s college canteen and could not forget the delicious taste of it and thought that re-creating that kind of spicy flavour was not possible at home.When I browsed for the recipe, I was quite surprised to find the secret ingredient used here is pavbhaji masala. It certainly imparts a nice flavour and a typical street food spicy taste to the pulao. Since then , I have made this quite a few times at home and it was liked by…


How to make Pav bhaaji – mumbai popular street food recipes

Pav bhaji is an all time favourite at my place. I make it so frequently, but never actually quite blogged about it. The reason being, it was polished off before I could even take a photo. An irresistable so called street food ,indeed. Its popular all over India especially the one available in mumbai is the most popular.Its quite spicy when we used to have it in the streets of India. So I make it mildly spiced especially for the kids and we all love it that way. Its easy and ideal dish to make for get togethers and birthday…


Healthy Bhel – popular street food ,but strictly home made

We love chaat and I do make them once in a while on weekends as a evening snack. Bhel is a regular thing at home. I make the bhel quite healthy by adding mungbean sprouts and other raw vegetables. Its generally very filling , quick and easy to make ,healthy and has low calorie content, so good for dieters. So here’s how I make.